‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ – Sneak Peek Video & Poster Revealed At SDCC 2019

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By Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Netflix revealed sneak peek footage and a colorful new poster from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, an upcoming series and prequel to Frank Oz and Jim Henson’s 1982 fantasy film, The Dark Crystal. Age of Resistance might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we promise you it features one of the most impressive voice casts ever assembled. The ten-episode series and will further explore the world of Thra and will be centered around three Gelfling – Rian, Brea and Deet – who embark on a journey to save the ‘Crystal of Truth’ from the clutches of the evil Skeksis. Age of Resistance is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on August 30, 2019

Check out the sneak peek and poster from Netflix‘s Age of Resistance below.

Source: Netflix Canada

Today’s new footage from Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance looked very impressive, but what really amazing us was the star-studded voice cast, which includes everyone from the Andy Samberg and Mark Strong to the iconic Mark Hamill and Sigourney Weaver.

Here is a full list of the cast and character guide for Age of Resistance, courtesy of Netflix Canada. Enjoy!

Lena Headey as Maudra Fara

The Emmy-nominated English actress Lena Headey will voice Maudra Fara, a veteran Gelfling and leader of the Stonewood Clan who has a history of negotiating with the Skeksis, a reptilian bird-like race and the main antagonists of The Dark Crystal franchise. Headey is best known for her portrayal of Cersei Lannister on the HBO drama Game of Thrones, but it was her lead performances in The Brothers Grimm and 300 that put her in the spotlight.

Source: Screenshot via HBO and Netflix Canada

Benedict Wong as “The General”

English actor Benedict Wong, well known for playing Wong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and his portrayal of Kublai Khan in Netflix’s Marco Polo, has been cast to voice as SkekVar “The General,” a member of the Skeksis race and ally of both SkekEer and SkekCru.

Source: Screenshot via Marvel Studios and Netflix Canada

Awkwafina as “The Collector”

Awkwafina will voice to “The Collector,” a Skeksis and master technician who seeks to capture the Gelfling. The American actress hasn’t been on the scene long, but the rapper/actor has made quite the name for herself in 2018, landing breakout roles in Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8. 

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros. Pictures and Netflix Canada

Hannah John-Kamen as Naia

English actress Hannah John-Kamen, best known for playing Dutch in the Syfy television series Killjoys and Ghost in Marvel Studio’s Ant-Man and the Wasphas been cast to voice Naia, a member of the Drenchen Clan and the twin sister of Gurjin. Naia has the special ability to “dreamfast”  – the Gelfling’s way of sharing memories telepathically – with creatures other than her own race.

Source: Screenshot via Marvel Studios and Netflix Canada

Dave Goelz as Baffi

Dave Goelz is an iconic puppeteer and puppet builder known best for his portrayal of the Muppets‘ Great Gonzo, Bunsen Honeydew, Waldorf, Zoot, and Beauregard, as well as voice roles in Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth. Goelz, who previously worked on the original film, will voice one of the Fizzgigs known as Baffi, a loyal and monster-like creature.

Source: Netflix Canada

Donna Kimball as Aughra

The mysterious Aughra is the last of her species (which is unknown) and is said to be over a thousand years old. Aughra is voiced by Donna Kimball, a puppeteer known for working on several Jim Henson projects, as well as Pajanimals and The Happytime Murders.

Source: Netflix Canada

Sigourney Weaver as The Myth-Speaker

Sigourney Weaver a.k.a.”The Sci-Fi Queen” has been cast as the voice “The Myth-Speaker,” a mysterious role that Netflix is keeping pretty close to the chest. (more to come)

Source: AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos

Taron Egerton as Rian

Taron Egerton, best known for playing Gary “Eggsy” Unwin in the Kingsman films and most recently for his outstanding performance as Sir Elton John’s in the 2019 Rocketman biopic, will voice the Gelfling known as Rian, a skilled fighter and one of the three Gelfling to uncover the terrifying truth behind the power of the Skeksis.

Source: Screenshot via 20th Century Fox and Netflix Canada

Anya Taylor-Joy as Brea

Anya Taylor-Joy might be unknown to some, but for those familiar with M. Night Shyamalan’s horror-thriller films Split and Glass will remember her as the emotionally withdrawn Casey Cooke. Taylor-Joy will voice Brea in the upcoming Age of Resistance prequel, one of the three Gelfling to discover the Skeksis’ secret.

Source: Screenshot via Universal Pictures and Netflix Canada

Natalie Emmanuel as Deet

Game of Thrones actress Natalie Emmanuel will voice Deet, a prophet and one of the three Gelfling to discover the awful truth behind the origins of the Skeksis’ power. Other than playing Missandei in the iconic HBO series, Emmanuel has appeared in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Furious 7, The Fate of the Furious, and Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Source: Screenshot via HBO and Netflix Canada

Caitriona Balfe as Tavra

Irish actress Caitriona Balfe, best known for playing Claire Fraser in the Starz series Outlander, has been cast to voice Tavra, a Gelfling warrior and daughter of the Gelfling All-Maudra. The four-time Gloden Globe-nominated actress has also appeared in Super 8, Now You See Me, and Escape Plan.

Source: Screenshot via Starz and Netflix Canada

Helena Bonham Carter as All-Maudra

The amazing Helena Bonham Carter will voice the Gelfling All-Maudra, Queen of the Vapra Clan in the upcoming prequel series. Bonham Carter, the wife of director Tim Burton, has played countless roles in her career, but it’s her outstanding performances in The King’s Speech, Fight Club, and the Harry Potter films, that always come to mind first.

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros. and Netflix Canada

Harris Dickinson as Gurjin

Newcomer Harris Dickinson will voice a Gelflfing named Gurjin, twin brother of Naia and friend of Rian in the upcoming Netflix series. Dickinson got his start playing Frankie in the 2017 film Beach Rats and later as a kid with telekinesis in the sci-fi thriller The Darkest Minds. 

Source: Screenshot via 20th Century Fox and Netflix Canada

Natalie Dormer as Onica

The talented Natalie Dormer, best known for her portrayal of Anne Boleyn on the Showtime series The Tudors and as Margaery Tyrell on HBO’s Game of Thrones, will voice a Gelfling named Onica, a member of the Sifa Clan.

Source: Screenshot via HBO and Netflix Canada

Eddie Izzard as Cadia

Eddie Izzard will voice a Gelfling named Cadia, a member of the Sifa Clan and the father of Onica. Although he’s known best as a stand-up comedian, Izzard also worked as a voice actor in The Wild, Igor, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and The Lego Batman Movie.

Source: Screenshot via NBC and Netflix Canada

Theo James as Rek’yr

English actor Theo James will voice a member of the Dousan Clan and Gelfling named Rek’yr. Other than playing Tobias Eaton in The Divergent film trilogy, James also played David in Underworld: Awakening in 2012 and again in 2015’s Underworld: Blood Wars. 

Source: Screenshot via Lionsgate Films and Netflix Canada

Toby Jones as “The Librarian”

Tobery Jones will voice a Gelfling known as “The Librarian,” a member of the Grottan Clan who works in the Tomb of Relics. Other than his breakout performance as Truman Capote in the 2016 biopic Infamous, Jones is known for roles in Captain America: The First Avenger, The Hunger Games, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Source: Screenshot via Universal Pictures and Netflix Canada

Shazad Latif as Kylan

British actor Shazad Latif will voice the song teller known as Kylan, friend to Naia and member of the Spriton Clan. Latif was most recently cast as Chief of Security Ash Tyler in CBS series Star Trek: Discovery, but some might remember him as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the third season of the horror drama series Penny Dreadful.

Source: Screenshot via Paramount Pictures and Netflix Canada

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Seladon

Gugu Mbatha-Raw will voice Seladon, a member of the Vapra Clan. The English actress is best known for playing Kelly in the third series of the sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror and a British communications officer in The Cloverfield Paradox.

Source: Screenshot via Netflix Canada

Mark Strong as Ordon

Fresh off his portrayal as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in the 2019 superhero film Shazam!, Mark Strong will voice the Gelfling known as Ordon, a member of the Spriton Clan. Other than Shazam!, Strong is known for playing Merlin in the Kingsman films, Lord Henry Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes, and Frank D’Amico in Kick-Ass.

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros. and Netflix Canada

Alicia Vikander as Mira

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander will voice Mira, a Gelfling and good friend of Rian and Gurjin. Vikander most recently played Lara Croft in the 2018 Tomb Raider reboot, but it was her portrayal of Ava, a humanoid robot in Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller Ex Machina in 2014, as well as her Academy Award-winning performance in The Danish Girl a year later, that she became a household name.

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros. Pictures and Netflix Canada

Harvey Fierstein as “The Gourmand”

Harvey Fierstein will voice SkekAyuk “the Gourmand,” an overweight and sweaty Skeksis in charge of the Castle’s kitchens. The Tony Award-winning actor and playwright is best known for his performance as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray and Frank Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Source: Screenshot via 20th Century Fox and Netflix Canada

Mark Hamill as “Scientist”

SkekTek “the Scientist” will be voiced by the one and only Mark Hamill. The legendary Star Wars actor most recently voiced Chucky in the 2019 Child’s Play remake, but it’s his portrayal of the Joker, starting with Batman: The Animated Series, that everyone knows and loves.

Source: Screenshot via Walt Disney Studios and Netflix Canada

Ralph Ineson as “The Hunter”

Game of Thrones actor Ralph Ineson will voice SkelMal “the Hunter,” the most brutal and feared member of the Skeksis. Fans of Ineson will remember him for his portrayal of Dagmer Cleftjaw in Game of Thrones and Chris Finch in BBC’s The Office.

Source: Screenshot via HBO and Netflix Canada

Jason Isaacs as “The Emperor”

Jason Isaacs, best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, will voice SkekSo “the Emperor,” ruler of the Skeksis and counterpart to UrSu “the Master.” Back in 1982, SkekSo was puppeteered and voiced by the great Jim Henson, although he wasn’t credited.

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros. and Netflix Canada

Keegan-Michael Key as “The Ritual Master”

Keegan-Michael Key has been cast as the voice of SkekZok “the Ritual Master,” Emperor skekSo’s closest advisor. Since the widely successful sketch series Key & Peele ended in 2015, Key has been quite busy, landing roles in The Predator, Friends from College, Toy Story 4, and the soon to upcoming Lion King remake.

Source: Screenshot via Netflix Canada

Simon Pegg as “The Chamberlain”

English actor/comedian Simon Pegg, best known for co-writing and starring in the Three Flavours Cornetto film trilogy alongside director Edgar Wright, will voice SkekSil “the Chamberlain,” the Chief Secretary of State and next in line to the Skeksis’ throne.

Source: Screenshot via Paramount Pictures and Netflix Canada

Andy Samberg as “The Heretic”

Funnyman and former Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg will voice Raunip “the Heretic,” son of Aughra and friend to all races. Since leaving SNL, Samberg’s star has only gotten brighter, starring as Jake Peralta in the hit police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the surprisingly hilarious 2016 mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Source: Screenshot via NBC and Netflix Canada

Olafur Darri Olafsson as “The Archer”

Olafur Darri Olafsson will voice the Mystic known as UrVa “the Archer,” a four-armed archer and martial artist that commonly wears a robe designed with spiral patterns. The Icelandic actor is best known for playing Andri Olafsson, the chief of police in the Icelandic TV series Trapped. Olafsson has also appeared in Murder Mystery, The Meg, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Source: Screenshot via RVK Studios and Netflix Canada

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