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X-Pac Offers WrestleMania Tickets To Brendan Dassey

It’s likely the whole world knows who Brendan Dassey is at this point, after he was one of the subjects of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Making A Murderer. During the show, Dassey, who is intellectually challenged (a fact which played into how he was convicted as an accomplice), talked about how he was upset that he was going to be in jail and unable to watch WrestleMania 22. This caught the attention of wrestling fans and several wrestlers, most notably former WWE Superstar X-Pac, who expressed a desire to visit Dassey in prison.

This week, a judge finally overturned Dassey’s conviction, on the ground that his constitutional rights were repeatedly violated by police in an effort to pressure Dassey to confess. The prosecution has 90 days to decide whether they would like to re-try Dassey, but given public sentiment and the information presented through the Netflix show, it seems unlikely that they would do so, barring any additional evidence. As a result, several campaigns were started in an effort to ensure that Dassey not only sees WrestleMania 33, but that he gets to do so in person. And once again, X-Pac has stepped in and said that he will personally ensure that Dassey gets to attend the event, giving this story a potentially heartwarming conclusion for at least one person.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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