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Will Kevin Bacon Return To Star in ‘Tremors’ Reboot?

Somehow a B-movie that featured giant, man-eating worms terrorizing a small desert town in Nevada has become a fondly remembered cult classic film. Must be because of Kevin Bacon.

At least, that’s what TV executives seem to think.

According to, Bacon is set to reprise his role as Valentine McKee, the rugged handyman from the original Tremors movie, in a television series reboot. The series will be produced by Universal Cable and Blumhouse Productions. Bacon is also on board as the executive producer.

It’s been 25 years since the original Tremors was released. The movie was successful enough to spawn four more sequels and TV series on the Sci Fi channel, none of which featured Bacon in any way (although the worms did manage to eat a lot more characters).

The new series is still in early stages and hasn’t been picked up by a network. Here’s hoping Netflix buys it and turns it into the gritty R-rated Tremors that fans would love.

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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