We’ve Been All Wrong About ‘Westworld’ This Entire Time

Westworld has taken us by storm, and is easily the best new show on television. If you haven’t been watching HBO’s sci-f-/western drama, you are seriously missing out. For those of us who have been following along, the intricate mysteries of Westworld (the park, not the show) and creator Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) continue to puzzle us.

However, one thing became suddenly clear during Episode 8, “Trace Decay.” Many fans have long been running with the theory that the show is presenting us with two different timelines, where William eventually grows to become the Man in Black (Ed Harris). This hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but the evidence in mounting.

But wait, there’s more!

The return of a minor character in “Trace Decay” suggests that we are actually witnessing three different timelines. Here’s some photographic proof.


This host has appeared in three different settings now. Here’s a breakdown, in chronological order, of how we interpret the timelines.

In the earliest timeline, Dolores commits a massacre of hosts (and maybe real people?) in the town with the church. She keeps having flashbacks of it. The female host was present, represented by the middle picture above. After Delores realizes what she did, he committed suicide. The town was leveled and the hosts repurposed, which is why we see shots of an empty desert with just the ruins of the steeple poking out. Could this be the major disaster from 30 years ago that some Westworld staff have mentioned?

Next, the female host is moved into guest relations, where she acts as a greeter. If you recall when William and Logan first took the train into Sweetwater, it was this woman (pictured on the left) who helped them get ready (and offered William a quickie before he even started his adventure).

Much later (30 years or so), after the Man in Black suffers through the suicide of his wife in the real world, he returns to Westworld to find the truth about himself. He kills Mauve and her daughter, just to see what it feels like. He drives relentlessly towards the Maze, something that he thinks will give him the answers he is seeking. We see him grab Teddy as a companion, and they encounter the female host again. This time, she’s a haggard looking victim of Wyatt (seen in the photo on the right). The Man in Black even makes a remark about the park still using her, after all these years. This is the most recent (and perhaps current) timeline in the show.

If you’ve been trying to sort out exactly what is happening in the show (and more importantly, when), then this might help clear things up for you.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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