‘Westworld’ Star Calls Season Finale a “Huge Terrifying Wave”


Now that we have a handle on (we think) the many different interwoven timelines happening in HBO’s Westworld, we can start to look forward to the special 90-minute season finale on Sunday night. That’s basically a full length movie to wrap up the story and answer the many questions created over the previous nine episodes.

We still need answers about the Maze, who Wyatt is, and are we 100% sure that William is the Man in Black? Could there still be a twist that internet detectives didn’t see coming? Ben Barnes, who plays crude black hat Logan, teased fans about the finale in a recent Facebook Q&A, and urged viewers to put down their magnifying glasses and just enjoy the story being told.

“I think sometimes if you try too hard to theorize and work out whats going on instead of just letting yourself enjoy the show and digesting it it can ruin some of the surprises because you’re more excited about being right than you are about being surprised or feeling the emotions that these reveals are supposed to invoke.”

So stop thinking so hard and just enjoy the finale for what it is…and let it wash over you like a huge terrifying wave!”

We expect at least one remaining human to meet an untimely death (Ford? Logan? Man in Black?). Luckily, show creators have promised that the finale will “offer more answers than new questions.”

You can watch the entire Q&A session right here: