‘Westworld’ Promises Mostly Answers, Not New Questions, For Season Finale

Westworld has been gradually building an elaborate story with plenty of mysteries, and telling it to perfection. Now that we are down to the final episode, a special 90-minute season finale to air Sunday, December 4, show creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are promising some real answers.

Some early major theories have already been confirmed, like Bernard being a host, but plenty of huge questions still remain. Nolan and Joy told Entertainment Weekly that the season finale will satisfy most — but not all — of the burning questions that Westworld fans have come up with so far.

 Joy: “Most of the questions viewers have will be resolved in the final episodes, except for the most important one: What happens next.”

Nolan: “[We] weren’t interested in spinning out mysteries with no answers in sight. [We want to] tell an ambitious story in season-long chapters, each with a distinct feel and theme.”

Will they finally reveal the identity of the Man in Black (there’s already plenty of evidence pointing to a certain outcome), and will they confirm exactly how many timelines we’ve been watching (two? three? more?). Since the show isn’t rumored to be back for Season Two until some time in 2018, we hope Westworld quells our curiosity — at least for now.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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