‘Westworld’ Creators Shoot Down Latest Season 2 Fan Theory

If you haven’t finished watching Season One of Westworld, and you still plan to, you should not continue reading this, as it contains SPOILERS from the dramatic season finale.

Okay, let’s get right to it. The most shocking surprise of the Westworld finale was when Dr. Ford seemingly sacrificed himself for the greater good of Host sentience, allowing Delores to execute him in front of the Delos Board of Directors before the Hosts rose up and (presumably) slaughtered all the humans. Since Ford so meticulously plans every detail of the park, and seems far too narcissistic in his role as creator to actually willingly die, many fans are already expecting to find out that the dead Ford was really a Host.

Remember how we saw Ford building a new Host in his secret basement lab? We never did find out the identity of that creation, but it’s possible that Ford was actually building a Host version of himself just to give that speech and take that bullet from Delores. But in a recent interview with IGN, show creator Jonathan Nolan shot that theory down in a hurry.

IGN: Let me get out of the way, because it’s already been a theory from some fans – could there have been any host swap shenanigans or can you say that that was definitely the real Ford at the end?

Nolan: That was definitely a real Ford.

There you have it. Ford is dead. Unless….

Maybe he uploaded his entire consciousness and memories into a host Ford, which gains sentience, basically meaning Ford is still alive (and now immortal). Or that there are multiple “real” Fords, since Nolan said the dead Ford was “a real” Ford but not necessarily “the real Ford.” Maybe he has a twin!

Okay, maybe the theory is only partially debunked. Regardless, we’ll have to wait about 18 months for any answers, since the show won’t be back until sometime in 2018. And that makes us sad.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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