WATCH: Teaser Trailer For The Second Half of ‘Westworld’ Season One


If you haven’t been watching HBO’s newest show, Westworld, you should be. A weird but intriguing mix between the sci-fi and western genres, we are firmly all in on the mysteries surrounding the Man in Black, the Maze, and whatever happened to Arnold.

We are officially halfway through the first season now, with the fifth episode (“Contrapasso”) airing on Sunday night. Things are starting to heat up, and it appears that some of the unanswered questions posed in the show may soon have some answers. Here’s the teaser for the rest of the season, coming straight from HBO.

Things we immediately noticed:

-Teddy knows about the maze? Since when?

-Maeve seems even more self-aware of her role as a host.

-Did Maeve spread her awareness to Clementine, because she’s seen attacking (killing?) a Delos employee.

-An ominous message from Dr. Ford himself, warning… someone about the dangers of crossing him.