The X-Files

WATCH: New ‘X-Files’ Revival Trailer Finally Reunites Mulder and Scully Via

“The Truth is Still Out There.”

Fans of The X-Files have been drooling ever since it was announced the beloved sci-fi television series would be making a return. This week, Fox aired a teaser trailer, cut in to two halves, during their regular showings of Gotham and Minority Report.

In the first half, Fox Mulder is shown continuing his obsessive search for extra terrestrial life. In the end, he realizes he needs help. Cue Dana Scully’s phone ringing.

In the second half of the teaser, picking up where the first half ends, the former partners reunite and continue their search into government conspiracies, alien life, and some nifty explosions.

The X-Files returns to television in January. In the meantime, you can binge watch all nine of the previous seasons on Netflix.