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Was Daryl Sending Rick Coded Messages In The Latest Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Fans of The Walking Dead really like to solve puzzles. They spent months poring over every detail and bit of footage in the wake of the season six finale to try and figure out who Negan killed and now that that mystery has been solved, they’re looking for some new ones. Which brings us to last Sunday’s episode, “Service.”

Specifically, some fans think that Daryl Dixon, who was silent throughout the episode, may have been using Morse code to send Rick a message. In the video below, Daryl appears to be using his eyes to blink out some sort of message to Rick:

So why do some people think Daryl doesn’t just have something in his eye? Well, there’s a shot of a Morse code board featured earlier in the episode, which suggests that the people of Alexandria have learned how to use it, especially in the event that they can’t communicate with one another verbally. As for what Daryl said, there’s speculation that he told Rick the location of the Saviors’ compound: “6 miles east of Hilltop.” Others think he’s referring to the State Highway 6 East.

Honestly, we really like this theory, but it also feels like fans are giving the show a bit too much credit. The Walking Dead doesn’t do much in the way of subtle storytelling, so it’s hard to believe that the writers would introduce a small detail like this that could have huge ramifications. Still, if Daryl really did tell Rick something important, we’re bound to find out soon, so we’ll know for certain whether there is any legitimacy to this theory after all.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)