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‘Walking Dead’ Trolls Fans On Twitter Over Fake Death Storyline

(Spoilers within — but you probably should have already figured that out)

Remember when Glenn Rhee died? And then no one talked about him for four or five episodes? And then it turned out he didn’t die at all? Ahhh, good times.

If you’re all caught up on the The Walking Dead, then you’ll know that Glenn miraculously survived being torn apart by a hoard of hungry walkers by sliding under a dumpster and just… you know, hanging out until they got bored and left. It was a cheap tactic to keep viewers coming back every week, but it worked. It also outraged a lot of fans who didn’t like being lied to.

Regardless, Glenn is alive and will be returning to the screen when the series returns to AMC in February. Whoever runs the Walking Dead Twitter account decided to take the opportunity to troll fans even further but posting this great mash-up.

Yup. “Faking a Murder.” Ripping off the main image from the ultra-popular Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. The good news is that Negan is just around the corner, and he’s probably going to cave in someone’s skull with a baseball bat when he arrives. So if you were one of those fans who felt Glenn’s return was “cheap,” then good news — he just might end up really dead, very soon.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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