The Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steve Yeun Get Smacked Down By Savage Tweet From The Philadelphia Flyers


Steve Yeun, who plays Glenn on AMC’s The Walking Dead, is apparently a hockey fan. Or at least enough of one to offer some social media support for the Detroit Red Wings as they attempt to lock up one of the last available playoff spots in the Eastern Conference and keep their streak of 24 straight years in the postseason alive.

Before Detroit’s crucial game against the Philadelphia Flyers (one of the other teams vying for those final playoff spots) on Wednesday night, Yeun tweeted out his support for the Red Wings.

Yeun was originally born in South Korea, but spent much of his younger days in Troy, Michigan (a northern suburb of Detroit). It makes sense for him to support his hometown team. No big deal, right? The Philadelphia Flyers didn’t appreciate it, though, and offered up this epic comeback.

For any of you unaware, Lucille is the name of the weapon belonging to The Walking Dead’s newest bad guy, Negan. She’s a barbed-wire baseball bat and Negan used her to gruesomely kill…ummm…someone… in the season six finale of the show. The cliffhanger ending left many fans outraged, but speculation about who was on the receiving end of the fatal swing will last until the show picks up again in the fall.

In the comics, it was indeed Glenn’s character that gets Lucille’d. While his fate on the television adaption remains unclear, it’s pretty obvious which character the Flyers’ social media team is hoping meets a grisly end.