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Workaholics is one of the most underrated and underappreciated comedies in recent years, but has a very dedicated cult following. The show follows around three slacking telemarketers, Blake, Adam and Anders, as they get themselves into numerous silly situations and have audiences rolling on the floor with laughter.

With a great cast of supporting actors, it is no shock that this series is full of fantastic episodes and, even better, there are very few callbacks in the show, so you can dive into it with any episode. But here are what we believe to be the top 10 places to start. Warning: spoilers ahead…

10. “Karl’s Wedding”

This episode is one of the most underrated of the series and centers around Adam, Anders and Blake’s drug dealer and wacky friend Karl getting married to a woman he just met. We follow the friends through the whole day of preparation for the wedding, including giving Karl a terrible haircut and shave, Adam finding a homeless woman to be his date, Blake picking a high class dinner drink of Four Loko and the guys stealing flowers from the neighbor’s yard. The twist in this episode is that Blake catches Karl’s future wife hooking up with another man, essentially ending the marriage before it started. Source:

9. “Heist School”

This episode begins in a park where Anders is teaching Adam and Blake about taxes and how they work. Once they understand, the trio decides it would be a good idea to steal a dragon statue from the park because, according to them, they own it. After setting the dragon up in their front yard, the boys enjoy a couple beverages and quickly pass out. The boys are then subsequently awoken by a group of people stealing their new dragon. After some Sherlock Holmes-like sleuthing, the boys find out that the dragon was stolen by some teens at the high school. After using their brilliant logic, they decide to go undercover to find their stolen dragon. After some dead end leads and silly moments with new characters, the boys finally find the dragon, but it has already been beheaded as the high school’s football team has a rival called the dragons, which explains the theft. Source:

8. “Dry Guys”

This next episode is actually the episode that followed the episode in our number nine spot. This episode begins with Anders, Blake and Adam waking up to a completely destroyed house after a crazy party. Given that they feel about as bad as their house looks, the trio decides to take a break from alcohol and drugs. As imagined, this doesn’t go very well in the beginning and causes the boys to lose their minds a little bit. After being caught by Alice after destroying each other’s area in the cubicle, the boys are forced to take a substance abuse program. And, of course, Adam being Adam, skips the meeting and sends a Spanish-speaking worker in his place. In the end, we know the boys don’t hold to this break for very long as drinking is what they do best. Source:

7. “To Friend a Predator”

This is one of the stranger episodes in the series, but is without a doubt worthy of a spot on this list. This episode guest stars Chris D’Elia as a child predator named Topher. After being harassed on a Justin Bieber chat website by someone named “Bieberhole69,” Blake decides pose as a young boy and invites the man to their house so him, Adam and Anders can beat up the creep. However, when Topher arrives at the house, they realize he is the coolest person they’ve ever met. While they know what he originally came to the house for, the trio looks past that because Topher is so cool and invites them to the club and brings them some girls. After trying their best to forget the fact that he is secretly a predator, the guys are unable to avoid it any longer and eventually have the man arrested. Topher is one of the most creative and well thought out guest characters in the show’s history, and this is one of the only episodes where someone other than Anders, Blake or Adam are the main focus. Source:

6. “To Kill a Chupacabraj”

The episode begins with the boys throwing a backyard pool party that has a much less successful turnout than they were hoping for, which leads them to want a game changer. They find that game changer in the form of a hovercraft that Montez is selling at his yard sale. After some brief negotiations, the boys purchase the hovercraft and are excited to try it out. After trying the craft and it quickly failing, the guys decide to take Montez to small claims court over the purchase. After a couple of colorful situations before and during the trial, including kidnapping Montez’s star witness, the boys feel they are destined for prison with perjury charges. However, after it was revealed that Montez had knowledge of the damage before the sale, the boys won the case! Source:

5. “Old Man Ders”

This episode begins on the eve of Anders’ 25th birthday, and right from the get-go you can tell that Anders is less than excited about hitting the big 2-5, and is borderline depressed and seems to feel he has to grow up. But, of course, Blake and Adam have other ideas. The boys decide to celebrate Anders’ 25th birthday by first stealing Montez’s convertible and taking it to Dante’s, which is essentially a black version of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The boys then proceed to get drunk and call some strippers and hang out with them in the play structure, which the parents of the children there aren’t thrilled about. By the end of the episode, Anders comes to terms with the fact that he is now 25 and it really isn’t that bad. Source:

4. “The Business Trip”

The episode opens with the boys “acid-proofing” the house for them doing acid later that night, but those plans fall apart once Anders is asked to go on a business trip with Alice to try and schmooze a potential client to sign with them. But again, those plans become instantly more difficult once he arrives at his hotel room. This is because it turns out that Blake, Adam and Karl all followed Anders on the business trip and still plan to go forward with their acid-induced night of fun. In fear of losing the fun-loving client she wants to do business with, Alice suggests they go back to the room and do acid with the boys. Fast forward to a few hours later and everyone except for Anders has done the acid and we are treated to a night full of craziness that eventually ends with Anders being the hero and signing the client. Source:

3. “Brociopath”

This episode begins with the boys at a frat party at the bar, reminiscing about their time not being in frats. Once the bar closes down, the boys think it would be a great idea to invite everyone back to their place for an after party. The party is going well until the power goes out and everyone begins to leave, until Stan arrives. Stan looks like your typical frat boy and brings the party back to the house and gets it going again. For the next few days, Stan takes the boys on a wild ride of partying and tells them they can be his pledges and can join the frat. However, once his demands and tasks for them get more and more weird, Blake and Anders get suspicious. Their suspicions were warranted after all, as Stan wasn’t even a part of the frat and was just a crazy wannabe. Source: YouTube

2. “Man Up”

After being embarrassed by a large man at the bar, the boys decide they are not nearly manly enough for their liking, so they decide to go on a camping and hunting adventure. Of course, before they do that, they need to get their supplies which include weapons, chewing tobacco, metal music and other “manly” items. However, once their car battery dies on the trip, they are forced to stop and get a new one put in. It is here where they find the first animal they want to hunt, a racoon. After Anders kicks it in the head, the boys begin to celebrate until they realize it was actually a homeless man’s pet. The crazed man then kidnaps Anders and forces him to drive to the vet, which leaves Blake and Adam to save Anders, which they eventually do. The episode ends with the boys concluding that they are not manly at all and don’t need to be. Source:

1. “Real Time”

This is without a doubt the best episode in Workaholics history. The episode begins with the boys sending Alice some questionable phone messages one drunken night, which they of course regret in the morning and must get to work to delete the messages. But there is one problem: they are still drunk and thus can’t drive there. The entire show is focused on the boys trying to remain drunk (so they don’t get the dreaded hangover), and trying to beat Alice to work so they can delete the messages. Of course, they run into some crazy situations along the way. Source:

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