Titans Star Defends That ‘F–k’ Batman Line

The now-infamous “F–k Batman” line that Robin utters in the first Titans trailer arguably helped make the upcoming DC series a much bigger deal than it otherwise would have been and the actor who uttered the shocking line stands firmly behind it.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dick Grayson/Robin actor Brenton Thwaites revealed that the line wasn’t originally planned, and was added during reshoots in order to help set a particular tone for the series.

“We already shot that alley fight scene before, and there was no punch to it,” said Thwaites. “There was no real exclamation mark. I think the producers wanted something that would kind of set the tone for the whole show.”

“F–k Batman” received a decidedly mixed response from fans, with some enjoying the more edgy feel and others arguing that it wasn’t appropriate for the character. Thwaites feels it works because it signals to fans that Titans is intentionally separated from Batman. “I feel like “F–k Batman” says that in two words. The whole point is to tell the story of Robin breaking away from Batman and a life of fighting crime that he didn’t exactly agree with, and beginning the search for his own identity and his own moral center.”

Thwaites agrees with Titans producer Geoff Johns that the Dick Grayson we see in Titans is more violent than he’s typically been portrayed in the past, but that his time with the rest of the Titans team will help him work through his issues … yes, even the Batman ones.

Titans hits the DC Universe streaming service as an exclusive series on October 12, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)