The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Feature an Important (and Gruesome) Moment From The Comics

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

While the television version of The Walking Dead doesn’t follow the source material exactly, many of the pivotal moments from the comic have been featured on the show. If a brand new promo photo from Russia is any indication, a major moment involving Carl Grimes is just around the corner.

In the comics, Carl takes an errant bullet to the eye as Douglas Monroe (who leads Alexandria instead of the show’s Diana character) is surrounded and devoured by walkers. He fires randomly into a crowd of walkers, accidently taking out a large chunk of Carl’s face. Miraculously (because fiction), Carl survives the injury and proceeds to wear an eye patch over the wound.

This Russian promo shot shows Carl with a very distinct bandage over that right same eye he loses in the comics. Via Imgur Via Imgur

Although we don’t know if the show will go as far as the comic, this is definitely a sign that at least something similar will happen. Television execs famously decided against having Rick Grimes lose his hand like he did in the comics, saying that the CGI and practical effects needed to film it would be too much work. We have to imagine that a missing eye would be easier to cover up, with bandages, an eye patch, or just a sweet emo haircut. Via Via