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‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Finally Grows a Pair in First Look at Part 2 of Season Seven

Ever since the emotionally draining season premiere of Season Seven of The Walking Dead, where Negan viciously murdered Glenn and Abraham with his beloved baseball bat, the show was regressed into a series of episodes where almost nothing happens. Sure, Rick stands around with that blank stare on his face and Negan monolougues about his daily activities to anyone who will listen, but the story hasn’t progressed much in the last six or seven episodes.

Now it’s on a two-month break, as the show aired its “mid-season finale” on Sunday (which we still argue should not even be a thing, but alas, it is). However, AMC did release this teaser trailer of what to expect when the show returns in February, and quite frankly, it looks loads better than the tedious drivel we’ve been watching so far.

As expected by many (especially comic readers), the three communities that Negan lords over look like they will finally gang up and fight back. We’ll have to wait for February to see how that turns out, but one thing is for sure — this show needs more of King Ezekiel and his pet tiger.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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