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The Walking Dead: New Story Details Reveal The Fate Of Tara In Season 7

The seventh season of The Walking Dead is certainly going to be a busy one. Rick’s group will not only have to deal with the fallout of their deadly first encounter with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) but the show is also introducing a ton of new characters, including Ezekiel and his Kingdom. With all they hype surrounding these two storylines, it’s easy to forget about other characters and stories that the show has ignored for awhile, such as the unseen road adventures of Tara and Heath. According to the Spoiling Dead Facebook page, new casting announcements not only reveal that these two are coming back but also what will happen with them when they return.

Warning: potential spoilers for The Walking Dead season 7 below.

As reported by CinemaBlend (via Screen Rant), a new character named Jennie (played by Sydney Park) is being added to the cast and will be part of Tara and Heath’s arc. If you’ll recall, the last time we saw these two, they were heading out on a supply run prior to Negan’s arrival in season six. Reports indicate that Jennie will first appear with a group of women and children who find Tara washed up on a beach next to a corpse. While nothing has been confirmed, the corpse is most likely that of Heath, as Corey Hawkins is busy starring in 24: Legacy and seeing as how his Walking Dead character was underutilized to begin with, this would be a easy way to kill his character off. Jennie and her group will revive Tara, who then proceeds to ditch them at the earliest possible opportunity, presumably so that she can meet back up with Rick and the rest of her group.

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As Screen Rant points out, ‘Jennie’ could either be a TV-original creation, as there is no comic book character with her name that matches her description, or possibly a psedonym for Lydia, a character who shows up after the Negan arc as part of The Whisperers. The Whisperers are a group of survivors who dress up in zombie skins for protection and although they don’t appear until very late in the comics, it’s possible that the TV series is laying the groundwork for their eventual arrival with Jennie and her group.

The Walking Dead season seven premieres on AMC October 23rd.

(Source: Spoiling Dead Facebook page, CinemaBlend [via Screen Rant])

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)