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‘The Walking Dead’ is Hinting At A Major Tragic Event For Carl

Comic fans will know that the characters who populate AMC’s extremely popular television version of The Walking Dead have no had to face near as many brutalities as their comic book counterparts. That could soon change.

We already know that Negan will be appearing sooner, rather than later, and we expect a ton of violence and bloodshed to arrive with him. But he has nothing to do with another major event that could be happening in the very near future.

Warning: Potential spoilers will follow.

Multiple clues suggest that Carl is going to be shot in the face by Ron. There, we said it.

In the comics, Carl loses an eye when Douglas Monroe (who has been replaced by Deanna on the show) accidently shoots him.

He recovered from the injury, but is forever scarred and obviously loses his right eye. Now, here are the clues that all seem to point to a similar fate for Chandler Rigg’s television version of Carl.

-Ron and Carl are having stupid fights in the street of Alexandria, often over Enid.

-Dr. Denise is becoming a major character, and has already proven capable of performing minor medical miracles with the limited supplies she has. In the comics, her care was vital to Carl surviving a gunshot to the side of the face.

-Rick shot Ron’s dad, Pete, after it was revealed he was physically abusing his mom and after he accidently killed Deanna’s husband.

-Rick and Ron’s mom, Jessie, are totally crushing on each other (which is weird, but whatever).

-Ron has asked for Rick’s help with learning to shoot, under the guise of protecting himself.

The most popular theory is that Ron will attempt to use his new shooting skills to kill Rick, as revenge for his father. Carl will heroically throw himself in front of the bullet, saving his dad and losing his eye.

Alternately, the people over at The Spoiling Dead reported a rumor that Ron will snap after his mom and brother succumb to walkers. He will blame Rick for not protecting them, and fire at him. Again, Carl will get in the way.

And then there’s this (admittedly blurry) photo of what is allegedly Chandler Riggs filming with an eye bandage on. Via The Spoiling Dead

RIP Carl’s eye.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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