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‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Explains Why He’ll Never Reveal How The Outbreak Began

One of the bigger mysteries from both The Walking Dead comic and TV series is how the outbreak began. Clearly there’s a specific reason for why people started turning into zombies, but since neither the show or comic have ever revealed this bit of information, fans have had to draw their own conclusions as to what that cause may be.

During a panel at New York Comic-Con Thursday, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman revealed that he knows what’s behind the zombie apocalypse (unsurprisingly, since he’s the one who writes it all) but that both readers and the characters alike are never going to find out the answer.

“I’ll never reveal what the source of the outbreak i sin the comic. I’m never going to do that. I know what caused it. Any effort to have them become aware of the source would bring the comic into the realm of science fiction and I don’t think that would be necessary.”

Kirkman went onto explain that throwing in a scientific explanation for the outbreak wouldn’t fit in with the comic or show’s narrative. As he sees it, The Walking Dead is about the survivors, not the zombies.

While some fans were surely disappointed to hear they won’t get to find out what plunged the world into a postapocalyptic nightmare, Kirkman did jokingly admit that he may end up revealing the secret if the Image comic series ever comes to an end. “I’ll publish a little book that explains it because I’ll be broke.”

It has to be aliens, right? It’s always aliens.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)