The 9 Worst TV Spin-Offs Via SnipView

Sometimes it is hard to find the right ingredients for the perfect show – just ask the producers and stars of some the TV’s worst spin-offs. These actors and actresses had a good thing going when they were part of other shows, but then they tried to do something on their own, tragedy struck. Many of us have already forgotten these terrible shows, which is probably a good thing. When they were on the air, we either tried to pretend that they weren’t actually on TV or we cringed while watching them. Here is a lesson for networks everywhere – these nine shows are evidence that not all spin-offs are a success.

9. Joey

Joey was fine when he was on Friends. There were plenty of stronger characters there to keep things interesting. When he got his own show, however, that’s when things got bad. The critics hated it and ratings continued to fall until NBC decided to cancel the series halfway through the second season without ever broadcasting the remaining episodes. Source:

8. Time Of Your Life

Time of your Life featured Sarah Reeves Merrin – played by Jennifer Love Hewitt – from Party of Five. The show aired at the height of Hewitt’s popularity; however, even her popularity wasn’t enough to make the show a success. It was not well received and had poor ratings. Fox tried to save it, but even with heavy promotion, ratings remained low. Halfway through the first season, it was canceled. Source:

7. The Glee Project

The Glee Project was a reality TV series on Oxygen. Those who wanted to audition for the Fox musical comedy series could audition via The Glee Project. The winner would get to appear in a seven-episode arc in the following season. It lasted two seasons, but never appeared for a third. Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

6. Models Inc.

Models Inc. was a primetime soap that was supposed to be a spin-off of Melrose Place. Even with Linda Gray from Dallas and Emma Samms from Dynasty, the show’s ratings remained poor and it was canceled during its first season. Source:

5. The Pauly D Project

The Pauly D Project was a spin-off of The Jersey Shore that featured Pauly D, JWoww and Snooki. It followed Pauly D as he tried to establish himself a world-class DJ. Viewers weren’t interested in seeing a show that was just about Pauly D and it was canceled after only one season. Source:

4. Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Saved by the Bell: The College Years was a sequel to the Saved by the Bell series; however, it failed to gain the same level of popularity as its predecessor. Entertainment Weekly called it “the hands-down stupidest, least worthwhile series on prime-time TV.” Viewers and the network seemed to agree. It was canceled after only one season. Source:

3. Living Dolls

Living Dolls was a spin-off of Who’s the Boss? and is most notable for featuring Halle Berry and Leah Remini and for being torn apart by critics. It was the only series to be given an “F” grade by People magazine in its 1989 fall preview issue. Source:

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo follows Alana Thompson, a contestant from Toddlers & Tiaras, and her family in their rural hometown of McIntyre, Georgia. Critical reaction to the series was mixed. Some characterized it as “offensive” and “exploitative” while others considered it “must-see TV.” The show was canceled after four seasons when producers found out that Mama June was dating a registered sex offender. Source:

1. Young Americans

Young Americans was a spin-off of Dawson’s Creek. It follows Will Krudski, a character that was introduced late in season three. He was a friend of Pacey Witters, who proved to be less popular with viewers. The show was supposed to be a summer replacement for Dawson’s Creek, but ratings were so low throughout its summer run that it was canceled during its first and only season. Source: