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Generally speaking, Game of Thrones is not a satisfying show (although it is immensely entertaining). Quite the opposite actually, as it is packed with all kinds of death, tragedy, deceit and misfortune for the good guys, which can make it utterly heartbreaking at times. Sometimes, however, good prevails. Due to frequent misfortune, it can make these moments hugely gratifying and will leave many viewers overflowing with joy. It appears the tables have begun to turn as there were a number of satisfying moments in Season 6, but we all know that getting your hopes up is a dangerous game in the Westeros universe.

10. Tyrion Slaps Joffrey

Before Ramsey Bolton came along, Joffrey held the crown for the most despicable character on television. Petulant, whiny, mean and ever so sadistic, the only person who liked Joffrey was his own mother (and even she struggled with him at times). Tyrion particularly despised his nephew and delivered a few excellent barbs and insults his way, but he really satisfied those at home when he delivered a brilliant slap to the horrible King. Unrest in Kings Landing reaches breaking point, seeing the crowd hurl manure at the King. In typical Joffrey fashion, he orders his guards to slaughter everyone in the crowd which sparks a riot. Tyrion calls him a “vicious idiot boy-king” followed by a stinging slap to the face. It was not the first time that Tyrion lashed out, as he also delivered a wicked double slap to Joffrey in Season 1, Episode 2. Via

9. Sam Saves Gilly

Sam may not be the most heroic character, but he is certainly not useless like his horrible father implies. This is evident on a few different occasions, but most notably when he steps up and saves Gilly and little Sam (not named at this point) by killing a Whitewalker. In this moment, Sam proved that in order to be a hero you do not have to be skilled with a sword or ridiculously strong; you simply need to be brave. With the woman he loves and a baby in danger, Sam refuses to back down and becomes a hero. After going out to investigate, he is attacked by a White Walker who shatters his sword and tosses him aside. As the Walker moves to take the baby, Sam stabs him with his dragon glass dagger which causes the Walker to disintegrate. Via

8. Viserys Gets his Golden Crown

He may have only last six episodes, but Viserys very quickly established himself as a terrible person. Power hungry, selfish, cruel and very irritating; he met a satisfactory demise at the hands of the awesome Khal Drogo. At a feast for Daenerys and Khal Drogo, Viserys turn up drunk and threatens his sister and her unborn child if the Khal does not give him an army to win the Iron Throne. Drogo agrees to give him the “golden crown,” before he is restrained whilst Drogo melts his pot and then horrifically/brilliantly pours molten gold on his head. It may be grisly and a brutal way to go, but this is what we have become accustomed to on GoT. Plus, he was also an extremely horrible character, particularly to his little sister who he simply saw as a tool to help reclaim the Iron Throne for his family. Via

7. Jamie Returns for Brienne

Jaime Lannister undertook an enormous character arc, going from one of the most hated and vile characters on the show to one of the more likeable. This all occurred after losing his hand and the friendship that he strikes up with Brienne as she escorts him to Kings Landing. He becomes increasingly humanized through this complex relationship and as more of his intriguing back-story is revealed. But his character arc was complete with a hugely satisfying moment in Season 3, where he departs for Kings Landing with Brienne held captive at Harrenhal. Upon learning that she will not be released, he turns around and travels back only to find her thrown into a pit by Locke and his men where she must fight against a bear for entertainment. Jaime jumps into the pit and saves her by boosting her out. Via

6. Drogon Roasts the Kraznys mo Nakloz

There are a number of very satisfying moments involving Daenerys, but perhaps the greatest came in Season 3 where she takes command of the Unsullied. Arriving in Astapor, Daenerys agrees to trade one of her dragons to the despicable slaver Kraznys for the 8,000 strong Unsullied army. Kraznys frequently insults her in Valyrian, but goes through with the trade. Then Daenerys stuns everyone by speaking in fluent Valyrian and claiming it as her mother tongue. She commands her new army to kill the slavers and free every slave, whilst a shocked Kraznys desperately attempts to get them to turn on her. She then commands Drogon to kill him, which he does with a very satisfying fireball. In a powerful scene, she then frees the Unsullied who decide to remain with her as free men. Another awesome Daenerys moment. Plus seeing the dragons in action is always fantastic. Via

5. Brienne Saves Sansa

It was very satisfying to see Theon/Reek step in to save Sansa at the end of Season 5, but we knew that she was still not safe. In the Season 6 opener, we join them on the run from the Bolton soldiers and it seems only a matter of time until they are caught. Just as it looks like the game is up, Brienne and Podrick heroically swoop in and save the day. It was brilliantly timed and no doubt had many fans up and cheering at home. This was followed by a very touching scene where Brienne, one of the best and most powerful “goodies” in the show, kneels before Sansa and pledges her loyalty to her. Not only was it a fantastic reunion and heroic entrance, but it was also an enormous relief as we knew that Sansa was safe with Brienne (and Podrick) at her side. Via

4. Jon Snow Returns From the Dead

We may have been (pretty sure) it was happening, but Jon Snow awakening at the start of Season 6 was immensely satisfying. The heartbreak and shock of his murder at the hands of the mutinous Night’s Watch at the end of Season 5 left us speechless. It caused fans around the globe to speculate, until we finally got an answer almost 12 months later with Season 6’s “Home” episode. With Melisandre’s faith shattered, she half-heartedly performs a ritual over the motionless Jon Snow as we all held our breath. After no sign of him returning, they leave the room resigned to the fact that their Lord Commander is not coming back. However, Ghost (Jon’s direwolf) begins to stir and with the camera focused on his face, Jon suddenly opens his eyes and begins breathing heavily as if he had just come up from the depths. Via

3. Joffrey Bites the Dust

As established, Joffrey was the most hated character on TV for a long time. This meant that even the most sympathetic and nicest of people couldn’t hide their delight when he met his demise at the start of Season 4. During the feast for his wedding to Margaery, Joffrey is being particularly insufferable by constantly antagonizing his uncle (amongst others) in a very distasteful fashion. He commands Tyrion to be his cupbearer and humiliates him by pouring wine on his head and dropping and kicking the goblet on the floor. Tyrion then pours the wine whilst Margaery defuses the situation with the wedding pie. After sipping the wine and eating the cake, Joffrey begins choking and falls to the ground. It becomes apparent that he has been poisoned and his reign of terror is finally brought to a shocking end (not before he can accuse his uncle of regicide). Via

2. Arya Ticks Walder Frey Off Her List

The plucky Arya Stark is one of the best characters and a Stark that we have high hopes for. Although her Braavos story arc took her out of the main action slightly, she returned with a bang at the end of Season 6 as she returned to Westeros and wasted no time seeing to her “death list” and using her new found abilities. With the awful Walder Frey celebrating recapturing Riverrun, he sat alone after the feast eating a pie and wondering where his sons are. His servant then informs him that they are here, and then explains to a confused Walder that she baked them into the very pie he was eating (pulling an Eric Cartman/Scott Tenorman style revenge plot). The servant then removes her face to reveal that she is actually Arya Stark, and then slits his throat, just how his son had killed Catelyn Stark during the infamous “Red Wedding.” Via

1. Ramsay (Finally) Gets His Comeuppance

Joffrey may have been bad, but he was not as terrifying, psychopathic, sadistic and cold blooded as Ramsay Bolton. After seeing him play his sick games with Theon, Sansa and a handful of others, everyone was praying that he would get his comeuppance. The Battle of the Bastards is where it all went down, but for a while things were not looking good for the Starks after Jon played right into Ramsay’s hands after Ramsey dangled Rickon Stark in front of him only to brutally kill him. Fortunately, Sansa knew what to expect and managed to save the day. Jon, the Wildlings, House Mormont, and the Knights of the Vale manages to take Ramsay down in Winterfell and pound his face into the wintery earth. But it was Sansa who needed to carry out the final revenge killing of this monster. She does so in gruesome yet satisfying fashion, by turning his own hungry and neglected dogs on him. Via
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