When a TV show is one of the most watched, popular and critically acclaimed drama TV shows of all time, you know there has to be some heartbreak and despair. And that is just the case with Breaking Bad, as it features a laundry list of moments that bring out the emotions in the viewers.

A number of different characters had to go through heartbreaking moments that resonate with the fans. This article will focus on 10 of those heartbreaking moments. This article contains spoilers.

10. Walt Missing Out on His Daughter’s Birth for a Drug Deal

This is one of the toughest decisions that Walt needs to make early in the show, but you can tell right from the get-go where his allegiance lies. After breaking into Jesse’s house trying to find the meth for a large drug deal with Gus, he receives a text from Skyler that the baby is coming right now. After a brief moment of consideration, Walt immediately goes back to looking for the drugs, which shows he cares more about getting this deal done than the birth of his own daughter. He later blames Jesse for making him miss the birth of his daughter. In Walt’s absence, Ted Beneke, Skyler’s boss at the time, takes her to the hospital and stays with her until Walt arrives.

9. Todd Murders Young Boy on the Bike

This is, without a doubt, one of the most shocking and heartbreaking moments in history and it came out of nowhere. After a successful heist, a young boy, who we met at the start of the episode, rides up on a dirt bike and sees the gang following their train robbery. Out of nowhere, Todd pulls out a gun and shoots and kills the boy, who we later find out is named Drew Sharp. Despite the heartbreak and emotions that the viewers feel when they watch this, this was actually a brilliant maneuver by writers. Throughout the whole episode, viewers are cheering for Walt and his crew to pull off their huge heist, but the murder of this child at the end of the show brings the viewers back down to earth and reminds them who the bad guys really are at this point.

8. Walt Jr. Choosing He Doesn’t Want to Use Walt’s Name Anymore

Chances are, there are little moments more heartbreaking for a father than his son not wanting anything to do with him. And that is exactly what happened between Walt and his son, Walt Jr. In season two, Walt Jr. decides he wants to be known as “Flynn” and no longer “Walt Jr.” in order to distance himself from his father. He did this in response to his Walt’s absence and rather bizarre behavior. Also, he wants his own life and by sharing a name with his father, who was also a teacher at his school, he feels he is living in his shadow and instead wants to be his own man.

7. Andrea Gets Killed

This one is extremely hard to watch as a viewer. Andrea, who is Brock’s mother and one of the only sources of warmth and happiness in Jesse’s life, is killed brutally right in front of his eyes. When Jesse is kidnapped by the Nazis and forced to work in their lab, he is told that if he tries to escape or anything of the sort, Andrea will be killed. Perhaps forgetting about the threat, Jesse tries to escaped and is recaptured. What happens next really makes you feel for Jesse and what he is going through. While being tied up and gagged in a car parked across the street, Jesse watches as Todd puts a bullet into the back of her head, which leaves Brock without a mother and Jesse without the only good thing in his life.

6. Walt Kidnaps Holly

This must be one of the worst things a mother can go through. Your drug kingpin husband kidnapping your own daughter, after hearing he had a part in the murder of your brother-in-law. Well that is exactly what Skyler White went through during one of the final episodes of the series when Walt took Holly away. The police are called, an amber alert is released and the viewer’s hearts are broken as they see Skyler screaming at the car door window for Walt to stop and return Holly. Fortunately, this scenario eventually ended without harm as Holly was found and eventually returned home.

5. Jesse Shoots Gale

Gale was a chemist who was hired by Gus Fring in order to help set up the super lab to manufacture crystal meth. In the show, Gale essentially needed to die for Walt to remain alive. This is because once Gale was comfortable enough to run the super lab, Fring no longer needed Walt and thus could kill him. Knowing that Gale is about to be killed, Victor tries to contact him, but Gale doesn’t get to the phone in time. Once Jesse arrives, Gale opens the door and we see a visibly shaken Jesse, who is within inches of breaking down. Jesse then pulls a gun out, and we hear a gunshot as the screen fades to black. This is heartbreaking because Gale seemed like an innocent enough guy, and you can tell this mission wasn’t easy for Jesse to complete.

4. Jesse Calling Jane’s Phone to Hear Her Voicemail, Until it Gets Disconnected

One of the hardest things for Jesse to deal with, without a doubt, was the death of his one-time girlfriend, Jane. She died of an accidental drug overdose and this destroyed Jesse’s world. For the next little while following the disaster, Jesse is struggling in life and one of the only things that keeps him going is the fact that he could call Jane’s phone and hear her voicemail, which is the only way he can still hear her voice. Then one day, while trying to call her phone to hear her voice once again, he is unable to connect to the voicemail, which means her phone has been disconnected. This is an extremely emotional moment as Jesse now knew that Jane was completely gone.

3. Walt Watches Jane Die

This is probably the moment that the viewer realized the Walt we knew and loved was no more, and he was now a heartless drug kingpin named Heisenberg. After coming to Jesse’s house one night and seeing Jane and Jesse high and passed out, what happens next is heartbreaking; even Bryan Cranston himself said it was one of the most difficult things to do in the series. Jane awakens from her sleep, throws up in her mouth, and begins to choke on her own vomit. Walt identifies and realizes what is going on, but doesn’t help her and she dies as a result. This obviously destroys Jesse and Walt shows little to no remorse for his decision to not help Jane survive.

2. Mike’s Death

This is one of the toughest scenes to watch in the show’s history. Despite his extremely tough and rugged behavior and tone, viewers couldn’t help but love and become attached to the guy. As the series went on, we found out more about this damaged man and what led him to be the way he did. When he is shot by Walt it brings tears to the eyes of people everywhere. And the waterworks only continued as you see Mike sitting down, glaring out into the water, knowing he has only seconds to live. His final words of “let me die in peace” capped off one of the saddest and most heartbreaking moments in Breaking Bad’s history.

1. Hank’s Death

And coming in as the most heartbreaking moment in Breaking Bad is the death of DEA agent, and Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank Schrader. Hank is suffering on the ground from a gunshot to the thigh and his partner, Steve Gomez, is dead out in the desert. With Jack and his band of neo-Nazis standing above Hank with guns in hand, you know the end for Hank is likely near. What follows next are some extremely heartfelt and memorable words from Hank that bring tears to the eyes of any viewer and ignite sympathy in their hearts. After the dust settles and Hank lays dead on the floor from a gunshot wound to the head, you know that the show lost one of its best and brightest characters.