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Breaking Bad is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed dramatic television series of all time and the winner of multiple high profile awards. With all this success and recognition as a drama, some people don’t believe that there are some genuinely comical and funny scenes woven into the series.

The fact is, there are plenty of light and comical moments littered throughout the show in a number of different scenes. Those funny scenes will be the topic of this article, as we will look to the most hilarious moments throughout the length of Breaking Bad.

10. A Robot?

This was a great scene, as it features just Jesse and Walt out in the middle of nowhere on a mission to cook some more product. However, once out there in middle of nowhere they realize that they’ve run out of power and gas. While dying of heat exposure, the two decide that something has to be done. Jesse then says, “Come on! Man, you’re smart…make some kind of robot to get us help, or a homing device, or build a new battery, or…” This spurs Walt to realize that what Jesse says is not really as far-fetched as it might seem. Walt uses Jesse’s suggestion to build a robot and makes a battery which gives them enough power. The scene is very funny and shows that good ideas can come from anyone at any time, even Jesse.

9. Tableside Guac

This scene began extremely awkward and serious as it featured Walt, Skyler, Hank and Marie all at a restaurant together for the first time with all of the secrets out in the open. Walt finally breaks the silence, and right as he’s about to launch into a spiel about how any pursuit of him will devastate the family we hear: “Welcome to Garduño’s! My name’s Trent. I’ll be taking care of you today. Can I start anybody off with some beverages? Margarita? How about some of our tableside guacamole?” The timing of this is hilarious and much-needed in this tense scene, and also appears to have boosted sales of tableside guac.

8. The Dinner Scene

This scene, like the last, took place at a dinner table and had the potential to be a fairly awkward conversation between Walt, Jesse and Skyler. When Walt forcefully invites poor, unsuspecting Jesse to stay for dinner with them, he has no idea that he’s being roped in as a pawn in the family’s ongoing domestic warfare, which must’ve been very awkward for him. Watching Jesse’s hilarious attempts to break the tension are just another great reason to love his character. It is perhaps the best “dinner” scene in the entire series.

7. Roof Pizza

In the episode “Caballo Sin Nombre,” karma finally gets its chance to wail on Walter White for once. He gets pepper-sprayed by a cop, he can’t see his kids, and he has twins trying to kill him. However, in this scene, he seems madder at a pizza than everything else. In returning Junior home after an unexpected visit at Walt’s condo, he picks up a pizza as a peace offering for his family. Skyler, thinking of his many lies and questionable choices, closes the door, and so Walt is stuck with a pizza and a disappointed heart. So Walt does what any logical person would do, and chucks it on the roof. What’s even better is that apparently this was the first take of the scene.

6. Magnets

When the episode begins, Walt has just killed Gustavo Fring and is now the man in town. But there’s a problem: the laptop that has all of the footage of him and Jesse cooking meth is inside Albuquerque Police Department’s evidence room, and neither Walt or Mike can think of a plan to get in. Then Jesse has a bright idea to use a giant magnet to wipe out the memory and content on the laptop. They test out the magnet at the local junkyard, and when it works, Jesse can’t contain his pride and excitement. “Yeah, b–tch! Magnets!” he shouts, jumping in the air, his arms raised in celebration. It’s without a doubt Jesse’s funniest use of “b–tch” in the history of Breaking Bad.

5. Skinny Pete is Revealed as a Talented Piano Player

Jesse’s friends and sometimes henchmen, Skinny Pete and Badger have been the source of some of Breaking Bad’s best moments. The two are a duo that are rarely serious and give a much-needed sense of levity throughout the series. One of the most overlooked and hilarious moments is when the usually high and haggard Skinny Pete shows off his talent and absolutely shreds on the piano. What makes this even better is that the actor who plays Skinny Pete is actually a very talented piano player in real life.

4. Jesse is Left in the Meth Lab

This is one of the best scenes in the series for making you truly identify with Jesse. In this scene, Jesse is bored and alone in Gus Fring’s underground super meth kitchen, unsure of what to do next. However, Jesse soon finds himself making his own fun. Chair races, experiments with a massive vacuum, quiet self-reflection and the hilarious discovery of a high-pressure air hose. It is just a great scene that shows some actual enjoyment in the life of a man who has so little and whose life has been tossed on its head.

3. Gale Does Karaoke

Even though he is a drug dealer, Gale seems like an okay guy who just finds himself in some hard and dire times and, in the end, pays for his mistakes with his life. And while the context of Gale’s karaoke scene is pretty sad, it is still one of the funnier scenes in the show. The nerdy chemist’s passion for karaoke comes to the forefront as Hank shows Walt a video of Gale singing “Major Tom,” which is Pete Schilling’s ‘sequel’ to David Bowie’s Space Oddity. If you think about the scene too much, it can become very sad, but if you just take it for what’s on the screen at that very moment, it is quite funny.

2. Badger’s Star Trek Fan Fiction

In the grand scheme of things, this scene had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline of Breaking Bad, but it is still one of the funniest. Badger going off on a massive tangent talking about blueberries flying through space and Scotty doing some questionable things is exactly what makes Breaking Bad so good, it is unpredictable and you never know what is going to make you laugh and what is going to make you cry. And, of course, some talented fan made an animation of Badger’s story which truly brings it to life.

1. Walt Quits the Car Wash

And coming in as the most hilarious scene in Breaking Bad history is when Walter White quits his job at the car wash. After Walt learns he has terminal cancer and reflects on his life, he has simply had enough of his boss and shows us his first rebellious act of many in the series. The rage and craziness that Walt shows in this scene is hilarious and his utterance of “F–ck you and your eyebrows!” is possibly the best thing to ever come out of Walter White’s mouth. And the classic crotch grab at the end is the icing on the cake.


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