Top Quotes From ‘Breaking Bad’

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By Kale Havervold

In addition to being one of the greatest television shows of all time, Breaking Bad also features extremely memorable quotes throughout the series. Whether they were heartfelt speeches, shocking revelations, cold-hearted statements, or plain old badass words, great quotes come by the handful in this show.

This article will take a look at 10 memorable quotes from Breaking Bad. As such, this article contains spoilers.

10. “You’re an insane, degenerate piece of filth, and you deserve to die.”

This quote happens very early in the series. Walt still has a heart and is seen as a good guy in the eyes of the viewers.

In this scene, the crazed meth kingpin, Tuco, has an automatic weapon pointed directly at Jesse. To save his partner, Walt needs to do something and fast. What he comes up with is this insanely ballsy and courageous quote directed at Tuco. In fact, it distracts Tuco enough for Jesse to turn around and hit him with a rock.

Seeing as Tuco is likely the last guy anybody wanted to be messing with at this point in the show, this took a lot of guts from Walt.

9. “You’re my free pass… b–tch.”

This is a powerful turn of events in the series. Up until this point, Jesse rarely gets the best of Walt or gains the upper hand in their sometimes rocky partnership. However, after being beaten and bloodied by Hank, Jesse has a “free pass”, so to speak.

In addition to this free pass, Jesse has another ace up his sleeve: Walt’s identity. As such, Jesse threatens that if he is taken into custody, he will give up Walt as the infamous Heisenberg. This essentially means that Walt is Jesse’s free pass out of trouble if it comes his way.

8. “I am the one who knocks.”

This is perhaps one of Walter White’s most iconic and well-known quotes. However, nobody thought it would when originally writing it.

In this scene, Skyler worries about Walt’s involvement and role in the drug trade. Instead, Walt reassures her that she has nothing to worry about. Walt reinforces that he is in full control of what takes place.

The speech by Walt during the scene is full of great lines. Plus, it reassures Skyler and the viewers that he is the danger.

7. “I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.”

Normally a quiet, reserved, and behind-the-scenes type of guy, Gustavo Fring steps into the spotlight with this chilling and direct threat towards Walt. Apparently, this is what happens when you get on Gus’s bad side.

This scene takes place once Gus feels confident that Jesse is fully capable of running his super lab without the need for Walt to be present anymore. This threat is basically Gus telling Walt to stay away from Jesse. To leave them alone or his family will die.

6. “I watched Jane die.”

This was perhaps the most harrowing and stunning revelation in the entire series. By this point, the viewer has known for a long time that Walt was there when Jane died and could have actually saved her.

As such, this serves as the final nail in the coffin of the relationship between Jesse and Walt. Walt signs off on Todd torturing and killing Jesse before throwing this cruel revelation at him. Walt says this line for no other reason other than to hurt Jesse even more. There is no sympathy or regret in Walt’s tone.

5. “Shut the f–ck up and let me die in peace.”

The character of Mike has said and done many badass things throughout the series of Breaking Bad. His last breath proves to be no exception.

This scene takes place after Walt shoots Mike for not giving up the names of his men in the prisons. From then on, Walt mumbles out some sort of apology and justification for his actions. In order to shut Walt up, Mike reels off this great line to reflect his true feelings about the situation at hand and that he doesn’t care for Walt’s apology.

It is fitting that one of the toughest guys in the series dies without losing that chip on his shoulder or toughness.

4. “All I can do is wait… For the cancer to come back.”

This scene is very difficult to watch. As such, it’s one of the more tense scenes in the series.

In the scene, Walt berates Skyler for wanting their kids out of the house for their own safety. When Skyler realizes Walt always seems to be a step ahead, she offers up this doozy of a line that catches Walt completely off guard.

This scene is evidence that Skyler would rather see Walt die. Instead of having him around to keep her and their family in constant danger.

3. “Say my name.”

This is Walter White at his absolute coolest. As Walt’s greatest monologue, it shows that he is a certified badass.

After meeting some men out in the desert, Walt quickly alerts them to who he is. At first when he asks them to “Say my name”, they are unsure. But once Walt lets them know he killed Gus Fring, they know exactly who he is and give him the respect he deserves.

This confident and arrogant Walter White is a far cry from the science teacher we met in the first season.

2. “Tread lightly.”

This quote takes place in the extremely tense scene in Hank’s garage. During said scene, Hank finally realizes that Walt is the infamous Heisenberg.

This scene features many memorable lines by both Walt and Hank. However, Walt’s “tread lightly” quote is king here. That’s because it proves Walt is not afraid of anyone anymore.

1. “My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go f–ck yourself.”

The single best quote in the history of Breaking Bad is this absolute gem from Hank right before his death.

In this scene, Hank is shot by Jack and his men. As Jack looks down at Hank and Walt pleads for his life, Hank doesn’t hold back. Hank dies the way he lived, without compromise and without backing down.

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