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‘Stranger Things’ Officially Acknowledges That Barb is Missing With Campy News Update

When Stranger Things took the world by storm earlier this year, everyone was focused on the main story of a missing Will Byers. As his friends, along with their new companion Eleven, raced to save him from the Upside Down and the Demogorgon, the whole fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana seemed to completely forget that another kid went missing too.

Nancy’s goody-two-shoes friend Barb, complete with rockin’ 80s style, was snatched by the Demogorgon and whisked away into the Upside Down. A scene later in the series showed her there, looking fairly dead. A throwaway line at the end of the series mentioned that the mysterious Black Hats from the Lab (or government?) moved her car to the bus station to make it look like she ran away. But seriously, how can one small town go to so much trouble searching for one missing boy (Will) and so little trouble searching for a missing girl?

It even spawned a social media hashtag #JusticeForBarb, that prompted series creators the Duffer brothers to promise that Barb would get adequate closure in Season Two. A new video released on Netflix’s official YouTube channel may be the beginning of that justice.

Styled as a local news update from the 80s and described as “an archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana,” it’s the first sign that someone actually notices that Barb is still missing. It also makes a brief mention of an “unprecedented” theft of Eggo waffles.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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