Stephen Amell Thinks Batman and Superman Could Appear On ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’

Marvel is poised to finally receive a challenge in the superhero universe building space, with DC taking things into high gear in 2016 with the release of the crossover movie event Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as the separate but connected Suicide Squad. That being said, DC already has quite the interconnected universe built up on the small screen, with shows like Arrow and The Flash leading the charge.

While it still looks like DC will be keeping its film and TV universes as separate entities for now (a questionable decision, no doubt), there could still be hope of seeing some of the big players like Batman and Superman show up in one of DC’s shows at some point. At least, that’s how Arrow star Stephen Amell sees it.

Amell was asked recently at a Heroes & Villains Fanfest convention whether or not a big-name Batman villain such as the Joker could ever appear on Arrow and his answer was definitely positive:

“Well, I mean, the short answer is yes, of course. Within the DC Universe, if they are in the DC Universe, if you were to ask if Iron Man could come to Arrow, I would be like, ‘Well, no, probably not.”

“But of course, The Joker could come to Arrow, Batman could come to Arrow, Superman could show up on The Flash. There’s a whole myriad of options because again DC and WB have a slate of films coming up, and those films happen, and maybe Arrow’s still around when they’re done. Or maybe there’s a change and people are just like, ‘You know what, let’s invest in something that’s doing well for us.’ So you never know.”

Of course, Amell isn’t the one making these kinds of decisions, but it’s reassuring to see that he fully supports the idea of making his show and the rest of DC’s TV adaptations more open to crossovers and guest appareances from other heroes and villains. It’s probably best not to get your hopes up of ever seeing Ben Affleck show up on an episode of Arrow, Batsuit and all, but at least there’s still the possibility.

Also, if you’re wondering if Green Arrow could beat Batman in a fight, Amell had an appropriately indefinite answer:

“What do you want me to say? Well, Batman’s more experienced and his costumes cooler, and Arrow’s just a ripoff, so Batman would win for sure. No, I would win, absolutely.”

(via: Screen Rant)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)