Season 8 of ‘Archer’ Will Apparently Go Back in Time

Via FX

Archer has never been a show based in reality, so we guess it’s no surprise that the upcoming Season Eight of the Emmy Award winning animated comedy series is really going outside the box when it comes to storylines.

At the New York Comic Con on Thursday, show creator Adam Reed revealed that the next season will be titled Archer: Dreamland and take place in 1947.

From IGN:

In this 1947 timeline, for instance, Sterling Archer is no longer a spy, but rather a private investigator on the hunt for the person who murdered his old partner, Woodhouse — George Coe, the actor who voiced Woodhouse in earlier seasons passed away in 2015. Thanks to the time shift, Lana Kane will meet Archer for the first time yet again, although in this reality, it will be as a lounge singer.

Does that make any sense? No, no it doesn’t. But Archer doesn’t have to make sense. This is a show that already re-branded itself as Archer: Vice, only to revert back to normal for another season, before leaving us to think that Sterling Archer may have actually been killed in the last episode.