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Robert Kirkman On Midseason Return of ‘Walking Dead’: “Things Get Worse”

Things get worse? How could things possibly get worse?

When we last left Rick and company, walkers had invaded Alexandria after the lookout tower collapsed, taking out a section of the wall with it. After trying to bunker down in a house, but accidently attracting the attention of the growing number of zombies outside, Rick decided to throw it back to season one. They covered their clothes in walker guts and attempted to just stroll out the front door. Things were tense as the final episode ended with Rick and his family surrounded by hungry biters.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman gave us a hint about what to expect when the series makes its long-awaited return on February 14. After originally joking with Entertainment Weekly that the show would take several episodes to resolve the cliffhanger, he quickly backtracked with this grim news:

“Yeah, we actually don’t get back to that for seven episodes or so,” Robert Kirkman told EW. “It’s going to be quite a cliff-hanger.”

“Nah, I’m joking,” continued the show’s executive producer. “We pick up right in that moment. Alexandria is overrun. Rick and the kids are all covered in guts trying to get through the crowd. Everyone is where we last saw them, and things get worse from there.”

Kirkman also talked about whether Alexandria would survive their latest onslaught.

It comes back to those plans of rebuilding Alexandria. Assuming some people survive, and it’s a good bet that some do because they’ve already talked in the midseason finale that they’re not planning on leaving Alexandria. It’s a bump in the road, but there’s something special there, and they can turn this into an anchor that they can build upon. They actually have a chance at surviving long term and building a safe place, not going from safety to safety to safety the way they have for the life of the show. This isn’t the prison, and ‘Oh, we gotta move on from here and find another place.’ This is something different. And from there, there will be other things that expand their world in new and terrifying ways.

So Alexandria survives until Negan shows up to crap all over the place? Got it.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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