REPORT: Shane West Cast As Major Villain In ‘Gotham’ Season 5 SOURCE: Tv Guide

Though it won’t premiere until 2019, the upcoming season of the popular DC series Gotham has seen some potentially major changes.

Shane West, who gained popularity from his roles as Michael in Nikita and as John Alden in Salem, has been cast as a new villain for the fifth season of the massively popular Batman prequel series.

West has been cast as ‘Eduardo Dorrance’, and if you’ve been interested in Gotham and its inhabitants for some time, then that last name may ring some bells. Edmund Dorrance is the real name of the classic DC villain King Snake, who happens to be the father of Bane, who many know from The Dark Knight Rises. This season of Gotham is going to take viewers on a journey through previously little-known territory of Jim Gordon’s past, with Eduardo Dorrance acting as a comrade from Gordon’s previous history in the military before his work with the GCPD. SOURCE: Just Watch

This casting raises a number of questions: is Eduardo related to Bane’s father? Is Eduardo an alias and his true name is Edmund Dorrance? Is this Bane’s father? This interesting tie into Jim Gordon’s past will likely be a crucial piece of Gotham’s fifth season, especially if Bane is involved in some way.

Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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