The Walking Dead

QUIZ: How Long Would You Survive On ‘The Walking Dead?’

Survival is anything but easy for the characters of The Walking Dead. Having to contend with shambling, flesh-hungry corpses is bad enough, but also having to worry about rival factions who want to kill you and destroy what little semblance of life you’ve built for yourself is just too much to handle. Yet, Rick Grimes and his crew of family and allies endure, even long after any reasonable human being probably would have just given up.

Do you think you’d have what it takes to survive like Rick and his group if the zombie apocalypse hit? Sure, we all like to think we’d have the ability ti live out the rest of our days in a post apocalyptic ruin, but the truth is that the majority of us simply wouldn’t make it, no matter how hard we tried.

If you think you’d make it on The Walking Dead, try taking our quiz and find out if you really are a zombie-killing expert or just another dish on the menu:

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)