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Netflix’s Iron Fist Season 2 Has A Surprise Fantastic Four Easter Egg SOURCE: Animated Times

The second season of Iron First has been miles better than its first. Not only have the plot and characters improved, but the attention to detail has been stepped up as well. Season 2 is chalk-full of Easter eggs referencing other parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it’s not uncommon for Netflix’s Marvel shows to reference the wider content of the MCU, there’s one Easter egg in particular that sits far apart from the others.

In episode 6 of Season 2, titled ‘The Dragon Dies at Dawn’, the episode features Danny tracking a former ally, who’s since turned foe. The pursuit leads Danny to a vacant building under construction in which he faces his former ally, Davos.

This is when the potentially MCU-changing Easter egg occurs. Davos prevails in the fight, leaving Danny defeated and badly injured. At this point, Mary Walker calls an ambulance for the gravely injured Iron Fist, offering the address as ’42 Baxter’.

In the comics, the Fantastic Four’s home base is the Baxter Building, located at 42nd and Madison. There’s no way this is a simple coincidence. Could this be a hint of a certain superpowered family S residing in the building once it’s finished construction … say, in a few years’ time when Disney is allowed to use their Fox acquisitions (which include the rights to use the Fantastic Four in the MCU)?

Though it’s already been part of the plan to implement the Fantastic Four into the MCU since the Fox acquisition, we weren’t expecting hints to start dropping so soon. It will be interesting to see how characters like the Fantastic Four are implemented into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when the time comes.


Liam Bentley

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