Netflix Has Begun Rolling Out Mobile-Only Plans To Select Countries

Sometime last year, Netflix began testing a new form of subscription plan in India, allowing users to stream movies and TV exclusively on their mobile devices for a fraction of the cost of the service’s standard subscription. India’s new mobile-only Netflix subscription costs roughly 199 rupees ($2.99) per month.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, during a conference in Delhi, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spoke about the success of the new subscription plan and how he hopes to bring the new mobile-only service to other countries in the coming years. However, he didn’t elaborate on which markets would be targeted next.

“If we have amazing content from around the world, people are willing to pay for that. In the U.S., cable television costs about $75. Here [in India] it’s about $3-$5. In the U.S., people pay $50 for mobile phone access. Pricing is very low here, and the market is very large. That’s why our 199 rupees a month [mobile-only] pricing is very competitive.”

What are your thoughts on Netflix’s mobile-only plans? Do you think it could succeed in North America? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: THR