Netflix Binge Alert: ‘Altered Carbon’ Could Be 2018’s Big Sci-Fi Hit


Imagine a future where death is merely an inconvenience. Where ones consciousness is digitized and stored in the cortical stacks implanted in the spine, so that upon death, one’s memories and consciousness can be moved to a new host.

Based on the well-known cyberpunk-noir novel by Richard K. Morgan, Netflix’s Altered Carbon follows a highly trained “Envoy” solider Tajeshi Kovacs, who was in prison prior to his mind being downloaded into the body of a disgraced cop, in an effort to help solve a murder. It’s still too early to tell but judging by Netflix’s recent track record, Altered Carbon could be one of the streaming giant’s best sci-fi shows to date.

We’ll find out for sure when the entire first season drops on Netflix Friday, February 2