The Walking Dead

Negan’s ‘Walking Dead’ Kill Scene Gets Full LEGO Recreation

Spoilers, obviously.

Well, Glenn and Abraham are gone and Negan has certainly made a remarkable first impression on everyone who watches The Walking Dead. Fans will be anxiously wondering where the series goes next, after what was a very sizable shift in course from the Season Seven premiere. In the meantime though, perhaps they can enjoy the lighter side of an emotional moment with this fairly accurate Lego recreation.

YouTuber kristo499 has painstakingly animated the two death scenes into a single three minute video. Most of the characters look great, especially Negan, Abraham, and Carl (we’re going to ignore that Michonne was clearly originally a Captain Jack Sparrow mini figure). Oh, and Lucille also looks great. Also, Glenn’s “eye popping” moment was nicely done.

Video contains Lego violence and some NSFW language.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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