Jason Alexander Reveals His 10 Favorite George Costanza Moments Via YouTube

Jason Alexander is a busy guy,  contributing his comedic talents to numerous TV appearances and even a number of voiceover roles. Of course, Alexander is most well-known for his iconic role as perpetual neurotic George Costanza on Seinfeld, one of the greatest sitcoms to ever grace our television screens. As Jerry Seinfeld’s dysfunctional best friend, George was often the butt of a lot of jokes, whether it was due to his occasional bouts of overconfidence or frequent displays of selfishness. However, part of the reason we found George’s mishaps so hilarious is that we all saw some of ourselves in him. Whether we like it or not, George (and the whole Seinfeld gang for that matter) often reflected our own terrible social tendencies and desires. We all have our favorite George moments, but who better than Jason Alexander himself to rank the best of the best. You’ll likely find that his list looks a lot like your own.

10. George Take A Nap Under His Desk (Season 8, Episode 18: “The Nap”)

Living out the dream of every office worker everywhere, George gave laziness a whole new meaning in Season 8’s appropriately-titled episode “The Nap.”

9. The Jerk Store (Season 8, Episode 12: “The Comeback”)

George lands the ultimate (?) comeback (after way too much preparation)… and of course follows it up by taking things way too far.

8. The Erotic Photo Shoot (Season 8, Episode 5: “The Package”)

Only Kramer can unleash George’s inner “lover boy”, resulting in one of the most awkward photo shoots of all time.

7. Relationship George Vs. Independent George (Season 7, Episode 8: “The Pool Guy”)

Generally, George is full of hot air when it comes to his musings on life. Occasionally though, he hits the nail on his head, such as when he gives this surprisingly insightful rant on struggles of maintaining multiple identities.

6. Vandelay Industries (Season 3, Episode 17: “The Boyfriend, Part 1”)

One of Seinfeld’s all-time greatest recurring jokes is George’s pseudonym, Art Vandelay. What began as a simple alter-ego to impress a woman morphs into a projection of George’s unfulfilled desires for success in later seasons. While each Vandelay moment is a highlight, Jason agreed that Vandelay Industries was the best.

5. George Costanza: Marine Biologist (Season 5, Episode 14: “The Marine Biologist”)

Believe in yourself and you can be anything…even a marine biologist. You don’t even have to know that whales are actually mammals.

4. “It’s Not You, It’s Me.” (Season 5, Episode 6: “The Lip Reader”)

Nobody does break-ups quite like George Costanza.

3. The Bozo The Clown/Fire Incident (Season 5, Episode 19: “The Fire”)

Only George could somehow turn an unspeakably selfish act into a tale of heroism. Leaving a room full of people to die in a fire? No, he was just making sure that exit was clear!

2..Shrinkage! (Season 5, Episode 21: “The Hamptons”)

Every man’s worst nightmare. The water was cold, ladies!

1. Was That Wrong? (Season 3, Episode 12: “The Red Dot”)

Apparently, doing it with the cleaning woman is just part of office life. No need to be fired over it. Truly, this brief scene is the perfect summation of George Costanza: obstinate, ignorant, and shameful. No wonder it’s Jason Alexander’s personal favorite!

Here’s the full script for the scene:

Boss: I’m going to get right to the point. It has come to my attention that you and the cleaning woman have engaged in sexual intercourse on the desk in your office. Is that correct?

George: Who said that?

Boss: She did.

George: Was that wrong? Should I have not done that? I tell you I gotta plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here, that that sort of thing was frowned upon, you know, cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices and I tell you people do that all the time.

Boss: You’re fired.

George: Well you didn’t have to say it like that.

Boss: I want you out of here by the end of the day.

George: What about the whole Christmas spirit thing? Any flexibility there?

Boss: Nah. Wait, wait, she wanted me to give you this.

[He tosses the sweater and it lands right on top of George’s face. George walks out of the office “wearing” it.]

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)