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Here’s How Sunday’s Shocking ‘Walking Dead’ Death Looked in The Comics

Spoilers ahead, obviously!

If you watched The Walking Dead this week, you mostly witnessed the citizens of Alexandria make a bunch of really dumb decisions that almost got them killed. In some cases, it actually did get them killed. From Eugene trying to act like he suddenly received the gift of courage from the Wizard of Oz, to Denise venturing outside the safety of the walls for the first time, and finally with Daryl ignoring his instincts to stay off the train tracks, everyone took a big dose of stupid pills on Sunday night’s episode.

Then with the show almost over, things suddenly got interesting. With Denise in the middle of an passionate speech about how she is learning to take care of herself in the zombie apocalypse, BOOM! Arrow in the face. And down goes Alexandria’s only doctor.

But in the comics, it wasn’t even Denise who got her eye shot out. It was actually Abraham.

Via AMC/Image Comics

That makes us wonder if the television writers have bigger plans for Abraham. In the comics, he was Rick’s right hand man for a long time, up until his death (see picture above). In the show, that spot has been occupied by Daryl Dixon since just about day one. If Abraham lives, does mean Daryl might die?

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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