Here’s How Many Hours of Commercials Netflix Saves You From Every Year

Although we all love subscription streaming service like Netflix for freeing us from the tyranny of cable packages, it’s easy to overlook another benefit from watching most of streaming most of our TV shows now: no commercials. You can watch an entire season of Daredevil without ever seeing a commercial for a new iPhone, but just how many hours of commercials are we actually avoiding with our Netflix binges?

As it turns out, we’re skipping a heck of a lot of commercials! Netflix has approximately 75 million subscribers, who stream 125 million hours of content annually, which works out to “1 and 2/3 hours per subscriber per day.” Based on those numbers, Cord Cutting came to the following conclusion:

From Nielsen, we know that a typical hour of cable television includes 15 minutes, 38 seconds – or 938 seconds – of commercials. Multiply that figure by 1.67 repeating and you get 1,563.3 (also repeating) seconds of commercials per day. That’s 570,616.7 seconds per year, which works out to 158.5 hours. So each subscriber saves him or herself about 160 hours of commercials per year by streaming their content through Netflix. (Via)

Yeah, that’s over six days a year. And commercials only continue to get more expensive for regular broadcast stations, especially during live events that people actually still tune into watch such as the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. The bubble is going to burst, but until then, we’re going to binge another season of House of Cards with all that time we’re saving not watching commercials.

(Via: Cord Cutting)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)