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Glenn’s Fate on ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Be Revealed Soon

The last few weeks have been more of an emotional roller coaster than usual for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead and that’s saying something.

Two episodes have now aired since that devastating cliffhanger that left the fate of fan-favorite character Glenn up in the air and no firm answers have been offered, to the frustration of many. Answers may be in sight though.

Speaking to, Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on the show, was asked about Glenn’s fate and responded that, “[Answers are] right around the corner. The showrunners and the writers are not planning on keeping the audience in suspence the entire season.”

Well, it’s nice to know that the massive trolling that fans have been subjected to over the last couple weeks will be coming to an end in the near future. In other Glenn-related news, producer Greg Nicotero spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently and notably debunked one fan theory regarding the character’s fate:

“I’ve read a lot of the theories and they’re hilarious — but Nicholas (Michael Traynor) running out of bullets is incorrect,” he says. “They were claiming that they could hear an audible ‘click.’ But there was a beat that I don’t think ended up in the episode, [and was taken out] strictly for time where Glenn says to Nicholas, ‘You need to preserve your ammunition and count your bullets.’ As the walkers were coming forward and Nicholas was shooting, he was counting his bullets and he counted down to one…

“I think it’s fun to allow people to speculate on it. There will be some resolution to the debate. I can’t wait for that moment because it’ll be very intriguing,”

Expanding on this, Nicotero also made a reference to how HBO’s Game of Thrones handles character deaths, which way indicate that Glenn is really and truly dead:

“It’s probably not the last time we’ll visit that dumpster scene…Just like any show — you watch Game of Thrones and the audience sees a character die and they go through all these different emotions and feelings and how they process and accept it. Our show is no different. That story is definitely not over.”

Personally, we’re starting to not really care whether he’s alive or dead. At this point, we just want some firm answers.

(via:, The Hollywood Reporter)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)