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Game of Thrones: Why Arya’s Recent Storyline Is Inconsistent And Stupid

As one of the best characters on Game of Thrones, it’s been disappointing to see Arya Stark stuck in a bad storyline for the past two seasons. Thankfully, all that came to an end in last Sunday’s episode, titled “No One,” as Arya finally killed her tormentor and pursuer the Waif and made plans to go home back to Winterfell. Unfortunately, while it was refreshing to see Arya make a successful escape after being stabbed repeatedly in the gut, it also kind of made no sense.

Reddit user Zahn1138 has written a nice breakdown of why Arya’s ability to survive the Waif’s initial attack is inconsistent with what has happened to pretty much every other character who has suffered from a major wound. Characters who are stabbed or lose a limb and actually survive undergo days, or sometimes weeks or months, of recovery. Compare that to Arya, who mere hours after being patched up is able to parkour around the streets of Braavos.

Zahn1139 illustrates his point by examining 11 different wounds suffered by several characters throughout the show’s run.

“Infection is a serious threat in Game of Thrones. For the overall story to be consistent and understandable, Arya’s stab wounds should have been fatal, if not immediately (like Talisa Stark), then soon thereafter from vulnerability (like Khal Drogo) or from a massive peritoneal infection (like King Robert).”

It’s a pretty long read, but the important thing to make note of is that Arya should have died, either from the wound itself or an infection. After all, she did jump into some pretty disgusting water right after being wounded, which means that a whole month of bacteria and other unpleasant things would have gone straight into her open wounds.

One might argue that this is a show where several characters have been able to return from the dead through magic (heck, Arya’s own half-brother Jon suffered about 20 stab wounds and was still able to be resurrected), but at least the show’s more fantastical elements have been consistent, for the most part. However, regular humans die all the time from wounds in Game of Thrones and Arya’s incredibly quick and miraculous recovery definitely isn’t consistent with that.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)