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‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers: Two Brand New Locations Rumored For Season 7

The map of Westeros (and Essos and Sotheros, for that matter) is huge. Even though Game of Thrones is a complex show, with many different characters scheming their way to the top in many different locations, the vastness of the fictional world means we’ve only seen a small percentage of everything in the land.

Watchers on the Wall is reporting that 2017’s Season Seven will bring us two new locations, both of them highly important. Although the Tyrells and the Lannisters have already played a major part in the story so far, we’ve never actually visited either home base on the show, whether it be Highgarden or Casterly Rock

From WotW:

We have been able to confirm that in the course of next season’s packed story, characters will travel to Highgarden and Casterly Rock both. The Tyrell home was a popular suspect for the reported castle in the background of the soon-to-be-filmed ambush setpiece. However, Casterly Rock is a total surprise. What’s more, we can tell you the show will set at least two eventful scenes in or around these locations.

Lady Olenna Tyrell is now in charge at Highgarden, following the deaths of her son and grandchildren when Cersei blew up Great Sept at the end of Season Six. We’re not even sure who is in charge of Casterly Rock right now. Cersei has taken over the Iron Throne, Jamie’s status is unclear, since he previously was unable to hold land or titles as a member of the Kingsguard. Ser Kevin Lannister, who was Tywin’s younger brother, also died in the Sept of Baelor explosion. So who’s running Casterly Rock? Maybe Tyrion will eventually take it back and restore honor to his house’s name.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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