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“Book of the Stranger,” is arguably the best episode of Game of Thrones’ sixth season so far. With several highly effective emotional scenes, a showstopping finale, and an overall attempt to move the story forward in a meaningful way, this is the kind of episode that Game of Thrones needs to deliver on a more consistent basis. If anything, “Book of the Stranger” opens the door for even more questions than usual, as several plot lines that the show has been building to for weeks are either resolved or moved to their next stage. In particular, the show’s more heroic characters, such as Daenerys and Jon Snow, are poised to make some big plays in the coming weeks, which has us wondering just where the show will take us next as we approach the halfway mark of the season.

10, What is Dany’s Next Move?

Speaking of Dany, “Book of the Stranger” sees the Mother of Dragons make a major power play, with an entire Dothraki horde now seemingly at her command; that is, if the Dothraki will give her their allegiance. Dany may still have some work to do to convince the Dothraki to follow her lead, but if she can, where will she go next? It seems likely that she will return to Meereen first in order to deal with her enemies in Slaver’s Bay (this would also be a good way to acquire ships) but there’s also a remote possibility that she will take her army and march west towards Westeros. If Dany does manage to accomplish that, there’s still the issue of whether or not the Dothraki will even want to make the journey to Westeros … Source: Forbes

9. Will the Dothraki Follow Dany To Westeros?

As established in the very first season, the Dothraki fear the water, especially large bodies of it. If Dany wants to return to Westeros with an army of Dothraki, she’ll have to sail across the Narrow Sea, something that is sure to upset the equestrian-loving people. Khal Drogo was willing to take his forces across the sea on “wooden horses” but will Dany be able to do the same? To her credit, she did just display her fire-walking powers in front of thousands of people, so she likely already has the Dothraki hooked on her Godlike abilities. Plus, if that doesn’t work, she could always use her dragons to intimidate them onto the ships (or, you know, just ask nicely). Source:

8. What is Jorah’s Role Now?

Jorah Mormont is a man running out of time, destined to turn into a stone monster on account of his greyscale infection. It had appeared that the show was setting up for a suicide rescue mission, with Jorah sacrificing his life so that Daenerys could escape the clutches of the Dothraki khals. Now that Dany has personally set fire to her enemies and ostensibly leads an entire Dothraki army, what is there for Jorah to do? Unless he somehow finds a cure for greyscale, he’s pretty much guaranteed to die / turn into a violent rage monster, so how will Jorah live out the rest of his days before that happens? It’s hard to see Dany really needing him anymore, but he’ll probably serve his queen in a big way before he goes out. Source:

7. Will Missandei and Grey Worm Turn On Tyrion?

Tyrion may be trying to make peace with his enemies in Meereen, but he also might be turning his allies against him in the process. Missandei and Grey Worm, two of Dany’s most trusted allies, are quite vocal about their distaste for Tyrion’s rather lax methods of abolishing slavery, with Grey Worm chastising him for trying to even make peace with slave holders to begin with. Is it possible that Tyrion might have a potential coup on his hands? After all, he needs Grey Worm and the Unsullied for protection and to keep order in the city, so if he loses them, he’ll really have no one around to protect him. That being said, even if Tyrion is able to keep both Missandei and Grey Worm in line, he’ll have to deal with someone much less agreeable before long … Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

6. Additionally, Will Dany Turn On Tyrion?

At this point, we’d wager that Missandei and Grey Worm are more likely to reluctantly follow Tyrion’s lead than try and upset the already tenuous power balance in Meereen; after all, he is the person that Daenerys left in charge in her absence. The more likely scenario is that Dany arrives back in Meereen and is none too pleased to discover that Tyrion has essentially allowed slavery to continue in order to keep the peace. As we’ve seen in the past, Dany takes slavery very seriously and will probably not abide by Tyrion’s seven year window for outlawing the practice. It’s doubtful that this conflict of ideas will turn violent, but it’s hard to see Dany being on board with Tyrion’s recent policy decisions when she rolls (flies?) back into town. Source:

5. Are Tormund and Brienne An Item?

One of the most delightful visual gags in this episode is seeing Tormund Giantsbane essentially flirt with Brienne of Tarth, with the two locking eyes on more than one occasion. In particular, Tormund’s suggestive dinner table etiquette basically played out like an open invitation and even though Brienne seemed bewildered by this look, viewers are already shipping the two burly warriors. The Game of Thrones writing staff are savvy folk and could have just put this interaction in to get the Tumblr crowd swooning, but now that we have the idea of Tormund and Brienne as a power couple in our heads, it’s difficult to imagine them with anyone else. Source:

4. Can Theon Actually Do Anything To Help Yara?

It’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen to Theon. He’s definitely become one of the most sympathetic characters on the show and while it’s nice to see him reunited with his sister Yara on the Iron Islands, there doesn’t seem to be a place for him there right now. Simply put, Theon is not intimidating or hardy enough to be much of a threat to the Ironborn, and although having him in her corner can’t hurt, it’s difficult to imagine what Theon will be able to contribute to Yara’s bid for the crown. We haven’t seen much of her competitor, Euron Greyjoy, but he is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with, which makes us worry about Theon’s well-being going forward. Perhaps he will surprise everyone and prove more than capable of holding his own, but right now, it feels like he’s in the worst possible place (although at the very least, it’s much preferable to being Ramsay’s torture plaything). Source:

3. Can a Tyrell and Lannister Alliance Last?

“Book of the Stranger” represents a major step forward in Lannister-Tyrell relations, as Cersei sets aside her dislike of the family and strikes up an allegiance with Lady Olenna Tyrell in order to free the latter’s grandchildren from imprisonment. However, if and when they take back King’s Landing from the Faith Militant, will the Lannisters and Tyrells be able to continue playing nice? That seems to very much depend on what happens with Dorne, as the Lannisters are all but ready to go to war with the southern kingdom on account of Myrcella’s murder at the hands of the current Dornish ruler, Ellaria Sand. It would seem to be in both houses’ best interests to maintain an alliance against Dorne, but given how tenuous peace tends to be on Game of Thrones, the Lannisters and Tyrells will likely be backstabbing each other again in no time. Source:

2. Will Ramsay Kill Rickon?

It feels like not an episode goes by where Ramsay isn’t killing or maiming someone and this week was no exception, with the noted sociopath stabbing Rickon’s Wildling protector Osha in the throat. Based on that record, Rickon is probably next on Ramsay’s chopping block next week. Although it’s unlikely that Ramsay will kill Rickon so soon (they have to draw out the “I have your brother” taunts to Jon Snow and Sansa as long as possible), it’s also hard to imagine Rickon making it out of all of this alive. We’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to get a better picture, as Ramsay may actually surprise everyone and not just stab Rickon as soon as they’re in a room alone together, but at the same time, Ramsay’s not going to go down without taking a few lives with him. Source:

1. Will Jon And Sansa Sway Any Northern Houses To Their Side?

As it stands right now, the Boltons outnumber Jon, Sansa, and the Wildlings by about 2:1, but as Sansa points out, there could still be northern houses that remain loyal to the Starks. Before they head out to wage war with Ramsay and his army, Jon and Sansa will probably try to reach out to some of these houses but will any of them answer the call? The recent betrayal of the Umbers does not bode well, as many northerners seem to be swayed to Ramsay’s side because of his savage reputation (who really wants to risk being flayed?). There’s also an issue of not knowing who to trust, as the Starks have had plenty of experience in being betrayed by their bannermen. Fortunately, the Starks will be receiving help from the Vale, so at least they’ll have some allies if the other northern houses ignore their entreaties for help. Source:
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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)