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Given that Game of Thrones’s second episode of the Season, entitled “Home,” solves one of the show’s biggest mysteries to date, it’s easy to overlook that quite a bit more happened than just Jon Snow coming back from the dead in this week’s installment. It’s true that “Home” wouldn’t be half as memorable if it didn’t have that final scene, but there’s still quite a bit going on in each story, to the point where this episode moves the plot along much better than last week’s Season premiere. As usual, Game of Thrones answered some questions while introducing a host of others, but the following are arguably the most pertinent leading into next week’s episode and beyond.

*Note: this post contains spoilers for Goerge R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels

10. Will Jon Be Any Different?

It’s easy to believe that Jon Snow will be much the same as he was when we see him up and walking next week, but as has been shown in the past, resurrection often leaves behind some unforeseen side effects. Beric Dondarrion was resurrected multiple times, but made note of how a little bit of himself was missing each time he came back from the dead. And although the show has yet to introduce her (if it plans to at all) Catelyn Stark is resurrected in the books, but comes back as a vengeful wight. The popular theory is that Jon is the Hero of Light, Azor Ahai, reborn, so if any character has a chance at coming back from the dead relatively unscathed, it’s him, but it will hardly come as a surprise if it turns out that reanimated Jon Snow is quite a bit different from what he was before. Source:

9. What is the Three-Eyed Raven Training Bran To Do?

It’s pretty obvious that Bran’s vision training with the Three-Eyed Raven will become very important later on, but although “Home” actually gives us an idea of what Bran can do (namely, see into the past), it’s still difficult to say what specifically Bran is being trained to do and how it will impact other areas of the show’s narrative. Right now, the likely scenario is that Bran will use his powers to look into the past for answers regarding how to defeat the White Walkers, but there surely must be more to it than that. Source:

8. How Did Ser Robert Strong Find That Specific Peasant?

Having Ser Robert Strong, a.k.a. The Mountain, find the peasant who brags about showing his private parts to Cersei during her walk of shame and promptly bashing his head in was arguably this episode’s most darkly humorous moment, but it makes one wonder how the giant knight knew to even find that specific man in that specific spot. Is Cersei intentionally sending Strong after those who have done her wrong, and if so, how did she even know where to find this man or how to get her protector to find him? It’s definitely enjoyable seeing Cersei exact revenge on those who have done her wrong, but a little clarification on how she’s accomplishing this would go a long way. Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

7. Why Didn’t Tormund Kill Thorne?

One of this episode’s more peculiar moments was the fact that there wasn’t actually a real battle between the Wildlings and the treacherous Night’s Watch men under Ser Alliser Thorne’s command. Sure, one guy got destroyed by a giant, but there was surprisingly little bloodshed for what usually would have been a sizable battle. Although the argument can be made that Tormund’s Wildling forces were so overwhelmingly large that it would have been foolhardy for Thorne to attack, it’s still strange that Tormund didn’t order Thorne’s death immediately following his side’s takeover of Castle Black. We’ve seen before that there is a deep animosity between the two characters and Tormund would have been justified in lobbing off Thorne’s head there and then for orchestrating the death of Castle Black’s Lord Commander. The show is probably keeping Thorne, Olly, and the rest alive long enough so that they can bear witness to Jon Snow’s return, but Tormund’s decision to spare Thorne’s life still felt out of character and much too diplomatic overall. Source:

6. What Does Tyrion Want To Do With The Dragons?

One of the more tense scenes in “Home” can be found in Meereen, where Tyrion takes it upon himself to unshackle Rhaegal and Viserion’s restraints. While this decision led to a fantastic scene of Peter Dinklage doing what he does best, as Tyrion makes small talk with the dragons to avoid being burned to death, it’s never made clear just what he plans to do with the dragons or why he wants them free. Tyrion makes note of the fact that “dragons don’t do well in captivity,” but to what end? Unless Tyrion has an actual plan for how to make use of Dany’s dragons, it would have been foolhardy for him to attempt to remove their restraints, so he must have something in mind for how to put the dragons to good use. Source:

5. What Is Arya’s Next Task?

We’ll probably repeat variations on this question each week until something dramatically changes, but seriously, what is going on with Arya? We got the smallest amount of development this week with Jaqen H’ghar telling Arya that she’s not a beggar anymore, so what is she going to be next week? A rug merchant? A barmaid? Surely the show’s writers have a clear plan of what they’re doing with Arya, but unlike with most of the other main characters, they’re doing a poor job of telegraphing her story trajectory or generating excitement for what’s to come. Whatever lies in Arya’s future, it’s clear that she needs to get out of Braavos as soon as possible because it seems like there’s nothing interesting for her to do there. Source:

4. What Happens To Melisandre Now?

With Melisandre proving that she does indeed have the power to bring the dead back to life, it’s likely that the Red Woman will have a renewed sense of confidence and faith going forward, which could make her even more of a force to be reckoned with. Then again, Melisandre has felt more like a plot device than a full-fledged character as of late, with her primary function being that she’s the only one who could bring Jon Snow back from the dead. With that objective now accomplished, is there still a place for her in the narrative? We’ve seen that Melisandre is actually a weary old woman with a “too old for this sh-t” attitude, so unless the show can find a way to keep her around as a key player, it’s just as likely that she could be reaching her end.

3. What is Euron’s Plan?

Though he’s not actually introduced by name, the arrival of Balon Greyjoy’s fraticide-happy brother Euron is a pretty big deal. In the books, Euron takes over as ruler of the Iron Islands after Balon’s death and begins boldly making plans to bring Daenerys and her dragons to Westeros, as well as make her his bride. Will Euron’s plans fall in line with those of his book counterpart? It’s difficult to say at this juncture, as it’s unclear whether or not Euron’s other brother, Victarion, will be introduced on the show (he’s the one who is ultimately sent after Daenerys). There’s a possibility that the show will roll these stories together and have Euron be the one who goes after Dany and her dragons with his dragon horn, a device he claims can tame any dragon. Before that can happen though, Euron not only has to contend with Yara vying for the crown, but Theon returning to the Isles as well, meaning that the situation is about to get rocky (pun intended) on the Iron Islands. Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

2. What Will Happen When Theon Returns Home?

Theon’s decision to return home to the Iron Islands is an interesting development, as he will arrive in a very tumultuous time in the Greyjoy household. Will Theon throw his name into consideration for Lord of the Ironborn or will he back his sister Yara against their uncle Euron? The trajectory of this storyline is very hard to predict at this point, but whatever does happen, it’s safe to say that Theon probably won’t receive a warm welcome from anyone other than his sister. There’s also the question of whether or not Theon is done with Ramsey, as it would feel a bit unsatisfactory from a narrative perspective to not have the two interact again due to what has happened between them up to this point. At any rate, even with Theon’s rediscovering his identity, it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to put up much of a challenge to the other Ironborn vying for the crown. Source:

1. Will Sansa and Jon Actually Reunite?

Last week, it was hard not to feel a pang sadness at the idea of Sansa travelling all the way to Castle Black to reunite with her half brother, only to find him dead. However, now that Jon has rejoined the world of the living, there is a definite possibility that the two siblings will meet up after all. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get one’s hopes up too much for this development, as Game of Thrones has a proven track record of teasing big reunions between characters only for the rug to be swept out at the last minute. Still, this is about as close to a Stark reunion as we’re going to get, so we can only hope that nothing too terrible happens to Sansa before she can arrive at Castle Black and finally have some semblance of a family reunion. Source: HBO
Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)