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‘Game of Thrones’ Author Explains Why He Kills Off So Many Major Characters

Game of Thrones is notorious for killing off characters, especially ones fans care deeply about, and this is something that George R.R. Martin believes that this is just a reflection of the truth of the world (in other words, “all men must die”).

Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series that inspired HBO’s Game of Thrones, believes that if he didn’t kill off main characters from time-to-time, it would be paramount to “cheating.” In an interview with Galaxy’s Edge, Martin explained that, as a writer, he has an “obligation to tell the truth,” referring to the fact that in real life, everyone dies, and not just unimportant characters. If he were to kill off only side characters in order to keep the major ones alive, he believes that he would be cheating himself and his readers.

“We’ve all read this story a million times when a bunch of heroes set out on adventure and it’s the hero and his best friend and his girlfriend and they go through amazing hair-raising adventures and none of them die,” Martin said. “The one ones who die are extras.”

Martin’s fixation on killing off major characters has inspired countless memes, but the author makes no apologies for his controversial writing. After all, just because you’re “a cute kid” or a “handsome hero” doesn’t mean you’re immortal. He also claims that he loves all of his characters (even Ramsay?!) and has found a way to cope with the deaths of the ones who most dear to him.

“I tend to think I don’t kill them,” Martin said. “The other characters kill them. I shift off all the blame from myself.”

Martin is currently being hounded every second of every day to finish writing the sixth book in his series, The Winds of Winter, which has been delayed repeatedly. Martin’s text is currently being outpaced by the very show that it inspired, meaning that TV viewers will get to find out how the story ends before they read about it in the author’s books. Hopefully that knowledge doesn’t make Martin do anything rash in his scramble to finish his next book, like say, kill off everyone not named Ramsay and turn the entire thing into a ‘Keeping up with the Boltons’ spin-off.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)