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Forest Whitaker Will Reprise His ‘Rogue One’ Character In ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Star Wars fans got a real treat when it was announced that Saw Gerrera, the Rebel extremist first seen in the Clone Wars series, would be making the jump to live action in Rogue One (and played by Forest Whitaker to boot). As it turns out, that won’t be the last we see of the character, as it’s been announced that Saw will be coming to Star Wars Rebels and Whitaker will be returning to voice the character.

The character’s appearance was first leaked thanks to poster seen at Toys R Us and EW has revealed new details about Saw’s role in the animated series. According to Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni, Saw will be in a bit better shape than when we saw him in Rogue One. “He’s not quite as beat up as you see him [in Rogue One]. I never wanted to go into a lengthy thing about this is how Saw lost his foot. It’s more about his philosophy and who he is and what he thinks about the Rebellion — and how they go about resisting the Empire.”

Saw’s first appearance will be in a two-part/double-length episode airing January 7th, “Ghosts of Geonosis.” The episode was conceived along with Lucasfilm story group chief Kiri Hart and Rogue One director Gareth Edwards. From the sounds of it, the plot of the episode will deal with an investigation into the Empire working on a mystery weapon, aka the Death Star, and while Saw doesn’t know anything specifically about the Empire’s super weapon at this point, Filoni notes, “Saw really has this feeling that there are things at work, and if [the Rebels] don’t get active, there’ll be no stopping it.”

Hopefully we’ll also see how Saw got to the point where he becomes so unhinged that even the Rebellion thinks he’s too extreme, as depicted in Rogue One. According to Filoni, “Forest really wanted to know a lot about the character. He watched The Clone Wars episodes with his character and I had some detail for him about things George [Lucas] and I discussed. It gave him more time to develop the character as far as, ‘How did he get there?’”

(Via: EW, IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)