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Fans Hated ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale and Here’s Proof

Harping on The Walking Dead finale is akin to beating a dead horse at this point (and the show already gave us one of those last season), but it’s difficult to deny that show’s cliffhanger sendoff didn’t live up to expectations. While the finale has its defenders, the overall reaction has been pretty negative and now there’s actual data to back this up.

Social media insight provider Canvs has concluded that over 70% of related tweets that were sent out during and directly after the finale aired last Sunday were negative. Canvs based this data off of 292,500 “Emotional Reactions” stemming from a pool of 932,308 total tweets.

The report states:

“In the closing moments of the finale, the predominant ERs were ‘crazy,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘hate’ and ‘upset,’ accounting for more than 70 per cent of all reactions (vs. 15.2 per cent ‘love’ and 6.4 per cent ‘good’).”

Of course, words such as ‘crazy’ and ‘upset’ don’t necessarily indicate a negative reaction, as most episodes of The Walking Dead tend to elicit these types of responses. Still, the one thing that can be concluded from all this is that the majority of fans were not pleased with the season six finale. And as The Walking Dead’s creative team has probably learned by now, judging by all the harsh comments that have been directed their way this week, an outraged fanbase can be just as terrifying as a lunatic with a barbed wire baseball bat.

(via: Uproxx)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)