The Walking Dead

Everyone Hates Daryl Dixon Now

Daryl Dixon is everyone’s favorite redneck when it comes to surviving in a zombie apocalypse. He rides a motorcycle, delivers cool lines, and somehow makes a crossbow look like a reasonable weapon of choice when everyone else seems to be carrying guns. Plus actor Norman Reedus seems like a pretty chill guy and the ladies love him.

Until last night. Until The Walking Dead aired the premiere episode of Season Seven, delivering on the Negan cliffhanger that ended Season Six.


We finally saw who took Lucille “like a champ” about 20 minutes into the episode, and the token ginger Abraham apparently drew the short straw. At least his last words were typical Abe. Fans were crushed and the moment was appropriately grotesque. But at least that was over — except it wasn’t.

Later in the episode, Daryl couldn’t control his anger/fear/frustration any longer. He leapt up and clocked Negan in the jaw, before being restrained by some of the Saviors. Now, Negan did warn everyone that such outbursts would not be tolerated. But rather than punish Daryl himself, Negan started delivering more home run swings to the cranium of Glenn, delivering a death almost identical to that of the comics, including eye popping gore.

The internet was quick to cast blame on Daryl.

Looks like the “If Daryl Dies, We Riot” crowd has thinned out considerably.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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