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‘Doctor Who’ Could Become “Brand New Show” in 2018


According to a report from The Mirror, television execs over at BBC are preparing to shake up Doctor Who, one of their most storied and long-running franchises.

The report claims that new showrunner Chris Chipnall will move towards what is almost a complete reboot, with a new actor replacing Peter Capaldi, the current doctor. Current female companion Pearl Mackie is also rumored to be leaving after a single season on the show. Steven Moffat, the current (and soon-to-be former) showrunner, has also announced he is leaving at the end of 2017.

The Mirror says that the network will replace Capaldi with a younger actor, in an effort to appeal to younger audiences (and boost sales of DVDs and other merchandise). They cite a network source as saying that they want to attempt to recreate the David Tennant era, which featured a handsome young Doctor.

Capaldi, now 58-years-old, has been the Doctor since 2014 and is recognized as the twelfth version of the Time Lord.

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