Game of Thrones

Details Revealed About Next Gigantic Battle Scene For ‘Game of Thrones’


If you thought the epic Battle for the North (aka #BastardBowl) from Season Six of Game of Thrones was good, just wait until Season Seven rolls around next summer.

According to GoT fansite Watchers on the Wall, several Spanish news reports indicate that the show is filming a major battle scene in Malpartida, Spain. It doesn’t appear to be the massive naval battle between Euron Greyjoy and his relatives Yara and Theon that many are expecting now that Daenerys and her allies have finally set sail for Westeros. Instead, reports seem to indicate that the scenes likely feature a land battle involving the Unsullied and the Dothraki (who are on the same side, right now).

The Spanish news outlet Los Siete Reinos also reported that they suspect at least one dragon will be involved in the battle.

Judging from the landscape, it sure looks like the battle will take place in Essos, or at the very least Dorne, which also has a sandy, dessert-like climate. Via Via