Creators Of The ‘Frinkiac’ Reveal A New Version For ‘Futurama’

So, a few months ago, some geniuses got it into their heads to create a database of every line of dialogue and every frame of animation of every episode of The Simpsons from the first dozen seasons (you know, the good ones) and allowed anyone and everyone to search it and create memes and animated gifs based around it, and called it the “Frinkiac”. Thus began a Golden Age of Simpsons memes on the Internet, one we’ve ruthlessly exploited ourselves from time to time. However, for us, there was always one thing missing, and that thing was the ability to do the same for the “other” Matt Groening-created cartoon, the criminally underappreciated Futurama. Well….

https://morbotron.com/meme/S03E15/175374/m/IEdvb2QgbmV3cywgZXZlcnlvbmUhIA== Source: Morbotron.com

Introducing the “Morbotron”, a database of every line from every scene of every season (and the movies) of Futurama. It’s just like the “Frinkiac”, only from the future! It’s up and running right now, and if that’s not enough incentive for you, just look at the Hypnotoad!

https://morbotron.com/meme/S07E01/5630/m/QUxMIEdMT1JZIFRPIFRIRSBIWVBOT1RPQUQh Source: Morbotron.com
Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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