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AMC Confirms Identity of Important New ‘Walking Dead’ Character

No, not Negan. Everyone already knows he will be appearing shortly.

We’re talking about the gangly looking blond guy who took Daryl prisoner (big mistake) this week before stealing his crossbow and motorcycle (even bigger mistake). Although he wasn’t officially named in the episode, AMC’s Twitter account gave away an important detail in their show recap.

If you haven’t read the comics, that name won’t mean anything to you. However, if you did read them you’ll know that Dwight is not just another minor character who turns into zombie food after a couple of appearances.

Major comic (and possibly show?) spoilers coming up!

Dwight is one of Negan’s most trusted soldiers in the comics. He also carries a crossbow (like the one he just stole from Daryl). He uses the crossbow to kill Abraham, so that’s another character who could in immediate danger. In the books, half of Dwight’s face is horribly disfigured — a punishment he received from Negan for betraying an agreement to give the boss his wife (Negan has multiple “wives”). He eventually turns on Negan, sick of being mistreated by the sadistic villain.

Back to the show for a minute. The Dwight we saw on Sunday appeared to be on the run from something or someone. He also had a female companion (Honey) with him. Maybe one of Negan’s wives? Or future wife? Perhaps his “punishment” is an upcoming moment on the show as well.

Comic book Dwight is actually still alive (for now), spanning 50 issues. That’s almost four years in real time. He’s been a major character for a long time, so expect much more from him on AMC’s hit show.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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